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"A Noble Was Born In Chaos" Single by Versailles from the album Noble Released March 19, 2008 Recorded Applause Records Studio, Bazooka Studio [1] Genre Symphonic metal, power metal, neo-classical metal Length 14:27 Label Sherow Artist Society Versailles Singles chronology "The Revenant Choir" (2007) "A Noble Was Born In Chaos" (2008) "Prince" (2008) "A Noble Was Born In Chaos" is the second single by Versailles. The single was distributed exclusively at a concert at Shibuya-AX on March 19, 2008.[2] All three songs would later be on the band's debut album Noble. Track listing No. Title Lyrics Music Length 1. "Aristocrat's Symphony"   Kamijo Kamijo 6:15 2. "Suzerain"   Kamijo Hizaki 4:20 3. "Zombie"   Kamijo Teru 3:52 References ^ "A Noble Was Born In Chaos details". Discogs. Retrieved 2010-01-18.  ^ "New single details". Dead - Orchestra. NET. Retrieved 2010-01-18.  v · d · eVersailles Kamijo · Hizaki · Teru · Yuki · Masashi Jasmine You Albums Noble · Jubilee · Holy Grail EPs Lyrical Sympathy Live albums Lyrical Sympathy -Live- · Noble -Live- Singles "The Revenant Choir" · "A Noble Was Born In Chaos" · "Prince & Princess" · "Ascendead Master" · "Destiny -The Lovers-" · "Philia" Home videos The Revenant Choir · Aesthetic Violence · History of the Other Side · Chateau de Versailles · Onegai Kanate Versailles Related articles "Prince" · Node of Scherzo