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For other uses, see Kyparissia (disambiguation). Kyparissia Κυπαρίσσια Location Kyparissia Coordinates 37°26′N 22°4′E / 37.433°N 22.067°E / 37.433; 22.067Coordinates: 37°26′N 22°4′E / 37.433°N 22.067°E / 37.433; 22.067 Government Country: Greece Periphery: Peloponnese Peripheral unit: Arcadia Municipality: Megalopoli Municipal unit: Gortyna Population statistics (as of 2001[1]) Community  - Population: 45 Other Time zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3) Kyparissia (Greek: Κυπαρίσσια) is a Greek village in the west-southwest of Arcadia. Kyparissia is in the municipal unit of Gortyna. Kyparissia is connected with the road linking the GR-76 and the Megalopoli-Lykaio Road, several earthened roads and trails are nearby. Kyparissia had a 2001 population of 95 for the village. Contents 1 Distances 2 Nearest places 3 Geography 4 Information 5 Population 6 History 7 Notbale people 8 See also 9 External links 10 References Distances Kyparissia is located about 9 km northwest of Karytaina 16 km northwest of Megalopoli, 35 km east-northeast of Andritsaina about 71 km (old: 8 km) north of Kalamata and about 46 km west of Tripoli. The GR-7, the older and the new route is 18 km to the southeast as well as the superhighway. Nearest places Katsimbalis, east-northeast Soulos, east Plaka, east-southeast Thoknia, south-southeast Isoma Karyon, southwest Mavria, north-northwest Geography Kyparissia is situated in a valley area. The Alfieos is approixmatley 2 km east along with another stream. Farmlands dominate the central and the eastern portions, forests covers around the area at about 40 to 45% of the land, the mountains that are filled with grasslands, bushes and forests lie to the west. The Kyparissia Mine lies to the south. Information Its main industry are agriculture, its miners are mainly from Megalopoli and around the area including Tripoli. Its main production are olives, citrus, fruits, vegetables and other crops, several common crops are rarely common. The village can be seen as far as to the north and east. Kyparissia has several rural roads and approximately 10 km of hydro lines. Its residential houses and buildings are within the main road and it is about 200 to 300 m long wide at the centre. Much of the houses were stone built until the 1970s. Electricity arrived in the same year. Vehicles arrived in the 1970s, the pavement of the main road and television arrived in the 1980s and computer and internet are rarely known in the beginning of the 21st century and up to date technology are not seen. Population Year Population 1981 107 1991 111 2001 95 History The village used to have a large population before the beginning of the 20th century. After World War II and the Greek Civil War, the population began to decline as residents moved to larger towns and cities and outside of Greece. One exception was that the population slightly boomed between the 1981 and the 1991 censuses. The population fell belwo the 100 mark in the late-1990s. Notbale people Michalis Katsaros (1923-1998), poet See also List of settlements in the Arcadia prefecture External links History and Information about Kyparissia Kyparissia on the GTP Travel Pages References ^ "Δείτε τη Διοικητική Διαίρεση" (in Greek). Hellenic Interior Ministry. Retrieved 09 September 2009.  v · d · eSubdivisions of the municipality of Megalopoli Municipal unit of Falaisia Akovos · Anavryto · Anemodouri · Dyrrachio · Ellinitsa · Falaisia · Giannaioi · Graikos · Kamara · Leontari · Leptini · Neochori Falaisias · Petrina · Potamia · Routsi · Skortsinos · Soulari · Tourkolekas · Veligosti · Voutsaras Municipal unit of Gortyna Atsicholos · Karytaina · Katsimpalis · Kotili · Kourounios · Kyparissia · Mavria · Sarakini · Vlachorraptis · Zoni Municipal unit of Megalopoli Anthochori · Ano Karyes · Chirades · Choremis · Chranoi · Gefyra · Isaris · Isoma Karyon · Karatoulas · Kastanochori · Kato Karyes · Lykaio · Lykochia · Lykosoura · Makrysi · Mallota · Marathoussa · Megalopoli · Nea Ekklisoula · Neochori Lykosouras · Paradeisia · Perivolia · Plaka · Rapsommati · Souli · Soulos · Thoknia · Trilofo · Tripotamo · Vangos · Vastas