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Medchal —  village  — Medchal Location of Medchal in Andhra Pradesh and India Coordinates 17°37′47″N 78°28′53″E / 17.6297°N 78.4814°E / 17.6297; 78.4814Coordinates: 17°37′47″N 78°28′53″E / 17.6297°N 78.4814°E / 17.6297; 78.4814 Country India State Andhra Pradesh District(s) Rangareddy Time zone IST (UTC+5:30) Area • Elevation • 577 metres (1,893 ft) Medchal is part of GHMC( Greater Hyderabad Municipal Community ), Andhra Pradesh, India.[1] It used be a suburban village and one of the largest mandal in Rangareddy district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Contents 1 Geography 2 Commercial area 3 Public transport 4 Panchayats 5 Educated Personalities 6 References Geography Medchal is located at 17°37′47″N 78°28′53″E / 17.6297°N 78.4814°E / 17.6297; 78.4814. It has an average elevation of 577 meters (1896 feet). Medchal (Town of Glory), formarly called as Medi(Fig) Chelama (spring), but later came to known as Medchal, This place once resort for NIzams who constructed beautiful mansion here, there is famous Ramalingeshwara temple at height of 61 mtrs on hillock, this temple believed to be constructed by Kakatiyas, and mosque built in the village during Aurangajeeb time. It is also famous forLate Sri Jaffar Saab, who donated a Magic Stick to former CM Chenna Reddy. Medchal is on National Highway 7 (India), 30 km from Hyderabad. Recently govt of ap is planing to make the medchal as muncipality Commercial area MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences is located at Ghanpur village in Medchal mandal. Mediciti Hospital is attached to this institution.[2] Shantha Biotechnics (P) Ltd., is located at Atevelle village in Medchal mandal.[3] Ultra Tile (P) Limited., is located in Kistapur, Medchal mandal.[4] Public transport There is a railway station in Medchal under South Central Railway, Indian Railways. Until 1990s, Medchal was a small village, people use to go Dasara March towards Bus station. There were 2 lakes, peddacheruv near chekpost, chinnacheruvu on the way to Railwaystaion, now chinna cheruvu has been converted to colony. Modern medchal is developed from Bus stand side, old medchal you can see near to panchayat office and railway station road, in 1980s Medchal was a cool village famous for Grapes gardens, every year in February month Pallaki sevas of adobe Sri Ramalingeswara Temple come to the village, Medchal now has country club branch, residential schools, hostels, industries, farms. Panchayats There are 18 village panchayats in Medchal mandal.[5] Atevelle (village and panchayat) Bandamadharam (village and panchayat) Dabilpur (village and panchayat) Girmapur (village and panchayat) Goudavelly (village and panchayat) Gundlapochampalle (village and panchayat) Kandlakoya (village and panchayat) Medchal (village, panchayat and mandal headquarters) Muneerabad (village and panchayat) Nuthankal (village and panchayat) Pudoor (village and panchayat) Raja Bollaram (village and panchayat) Ravalkole (village and panchayat) Rayalapur (village and panchayat) Somaram (village and panchayat) Sreerangavaram (village and panchayat) Yadaram (village and panchayat) Yellampet (village and panchayat) Educated Personalities Mr. N.Srihari Rao [6] is the first person found in this Mandal to have completed M.E., and aspiring for Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering. He is the most service oriented person from this Mandal serving as Associate Professor in CMR Institute of technology, Kandlakoya, Medchal Road. He is very impressive in his character and a loveable personality. He is referred by many people for academic advice and related matters. Mrs. K.Vimala Mary the wife of Mr N.Srihari Rao is also a post graduate in M.Sc., Microbiology. She works for GVK EMRI 108 in a respectful position serving the callers from all over Andhra Pradesh with a pleasant and helpful heart. References ^ ^ Share.MIMS ^ Shantha Biotech ^ ultra tile ^ Details of Andhra Pradesh till Village Panchayat Tier ^