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Zenn-La Nenora's fleet threatens Zenn-La during the Kree-Skrull War. Publication information Publisher Marvel Comics In story information Type Planet Notable people Silver Surfer Notable races Zenn-Lavians Zenn-La (Deneb III[1]) is a fictional planet in the Marvel Universe, located in the Deneb System in the Milky Way galaxy, approximately 3,000 light years from Earth. It is best known as the homeworld of the Silver Surfer. Zenn-Lavians, humanoid in appearance, have lifespans of thousands of years.[2] Contents 1 Fictional history 1.1 Ancient history 1.2 The Coming of Galactus 1.3 The Return of Galactus 1.4 Kree-Skrull War 1.5 Third destruction 2 Other timelines 3 References // Fictional history Ancient history In ancient times, Zenn-La was home to the barbaric and violent polytheistic[3] Zenn-Lavians. Their Age of Warfare lasted ten thousand centuries.[4] In desperation to preserve their race, the Zenn-Lavians made science their god.[5] Zenn-La City was the first to give itself over to science; it was home to Norrin Konn, later revered as the "Father of Zenn-La". A warlord believed that embracing science would strip the people of their passion, and fought a bloody civil war against those trusting in science. She united the warring nations, amassing the greatest army the planet had ever seen. The Warlord died while trying to pilot a flying craft, and her generals dispersed. Her followers then decided to join the rest of the population and follow the path of science, realizing that if they continued their course, their species would be extinct within a few generations.[6] The Coming of Galactus Over the next hundred centuries[7], the Zenn-Lavians experienced the Golden Age of Reason, and overcame war, poverty, crime, disease, and want. Their lifespans were dramatically increased. In the Age of Space Travel, space explorers became their greatest heroes, who visited a thousand galaxies[8]. After they had probed much of known space, the Zenn-Lavians withdrew to their homeworld. They grew apathetic and indulgent in their utopia, with all of their needs cared for by machines. When the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus, came to consume Zenn-La, the people had no defense against him. One man, Norrin Radd, made a pact with the Planet Eater to become his herald. In return, Galactus would not harm Zenn-La. Radd was transformed into the Silver Surfer, and left his homeworld for the stars. In 1947, a species known only as the Other came to Zenn-La and completely destroyed every person and all signs of civilization on the planet. Galactus and the Surfer were in the same star system, but were rendered catatonic by the Other.[9] In an uncharacteristic act of compassion, Galactus recreated everything, restoring the people and the entire world exactly as it was. He knew that one day the Surfer would no longer be in his service, and wished that he would have a home to return to. No one, including the Surfer, was aware of what had transpired.[10] The Return of Galactus After centuries if not millennia of service to Galactus -- the timespan has never been made clear -- the Silver Surfer was exiled and imprisoned on Earth. After the Silver Surfer betrayed his master, Galactus felt he was no longer obligated to keep his vow. He returned to Zenn-La and announced his intention to consume the planet. In another remarkable allowance, Galactus allowed twenty-four hours for the Zenn-Lavians to flee the doomed world, though only about 500 individuals would survive.[2] Galactus then stripped the planet bare of the energies he craved, leaving the planet a barren and devastated wasteland. Months later, the Zenn-Lavians deemed it safe to return, and set up refugee camps to live in. They blamed the Silver Surfer for what happened, and a deep resentment festered in them. Adding to their misery, the dark creature Mephisto kidnapped Shalla Bal, the Surfer's long lost love. The Silver Surfer was temporarily freed from captivity, rescued Shalla Bal, and imbued her with a portion of his power cosmic, which allowed her to slowly restore life-sustaining properties to Zenn-La, including abundant regeneration of plant life.[11] Kree-Skrull War Elsewhere in the universe, the Kree-Skrull War raged. Shalla Bal, with her newfound abilities, was made Empress of Zenn-La. The Surfer was eventually permanently freed from his exile. Shortly thereafter, Zenn-La suffered an invasion attempt by the Skrulls and, later, by the Kree. The Surfer, now self-appointed protector of his homeworld, made an agreement that he would stay neutral in their conflict, and neither power would attack Zenn-La.[12] The Surfer was tricked into defending the Skrulls from the Badoon, who, he later found out, had allied with the Kree. This drew Zenn-La into the war, under the protection of S'byll's faction of the then-fragmented Skrull Empire. The Zenn-Lavians, along with the Surfer, proved instrumental in changing the balance of power in the conflict, by restoring the Skrulls' shape-shifting powers.[13] The Surfer struck a deal with Nenora, then ruler of the Kree, restoring Zenn-La's neutrality under the condition that he could never return home.[14] During their visit, the Kree bugged Zenn-La's royal court and buried a Sentry in the desert. The Kree then kidnapped Shalla Bal, when she deduced under clandestine influence of the Cotati that Nenora was actually a Skrull.[15] The Skrulls declared a temporary truce with the Kree, and Shalla Bal returned to Zenn-La.[16] Third destruction A giant being referring to itself as 'the Great One' discovered Zenn-La and removed it from physical space, effectively killing all life, and changing it into a simulation inside of its brain. The Surfer discovered this and infiltrated the simulation with the aid of Moondragon. [17] After Zenn-La had been restored once again, the Silver Surfer returned home to visit Shalla Bal, who was no longer Empress. By this time, much of Zenn-La's civilization had been rebuilt. To the Surfer's astonishment, he discovered that Shalla was now the lover of his heretofore unknown half-brother, Fennan Radd.[18] Shortly after, the Surfer travelled back in time to 1947, and discovered the true nature of his world. [19] Other timelines In the Earth-691 timeline, Zenn-La exploded in the 26th century. The Silver Surfer was offworld at the time, distracted by multiple events[20], and heard too late of the danger to his homeworld. Despite the extra-speed granted by the Quantum Bands, he arrived too late. [21] References ^ The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #15, by Mark Gruenwald & Peter Sanderson, Mar 1987 ^ a b The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #15, by Mark Gruenwald & Peter Sanderson, Mar 1987 ^ The Silver Surfer has frequently exclaimed "Gods of my ancestors!" ^ Silver Surfer v1 #1, by Stan Lee, Aug 1967 ^ Silver Surfer v3 #91, by Ron Marz, Apr 1994 ^ Silver Surfer v3 #92, by Ron Marz, May 1994 ^ Silver Surfer v1 #1, by Stan Lee, Aug 1967 ^ Until about the 1990s, comic book creators often displayed a poor understanding of astronomy, using terms such as 'star systems' and 'galaxies' interchangeably. If the Zenn-Lavians visited thousands of star systems, then they explored a relatively small part of the Milky Way. If it was galaxies, then their influence was felt over several superclusters. In either event, it is curious to note Norrin Radd's former occupation as an astronomer, since space had been so thoroughly charted by his people. ^ Silver Surfer v3 #130, by J. M. DeMatteis, Aug 1997 ^ Silver Surfer v3 #131, by J. M. DeMatteis, Sep 1997 ^ Silver Surfer v2 #1, by Stan Lee and John Byrne, 1982 ^ Silver Surfer v3 #6-7, by Steve Englehart, Dec 1987 & Jan 1988 ^ Silver Surfer v3 #25, by Steve Englehart, Jul 1989 ^ Silver Surfer v3 #26, by Steve Englehart, August 1989 ^ Silver Surfer v3 #28-29, by Steve Englehart, Oct-Nov 1989 ^ Silver Surfer v3 #30-31, by Steve Englehart, Mid Nov-Dec 1989 ^ Silver Surfer: Homecoming, by Jim Starlin, 1991 ^ Silver Surfer v3 #101, by Ron Marz & Mike Friedman, Feb 1995 ^ Silver Surfer Volume 3 #129-130 ^ Guardians of the Galaxy #62, by Michael Gallagher, Jul 1995 - The Surfer's diversion was arranged by Era, evil son of Eon. It seems likely that Era was connected with Zenn-La's explosion. ^ Guardians of the Galaxy #24, by Jim Valentino, May 1992 v • d • e Silver Surfer Creators Stan Lee • Jack Kirby Supporting characters Adam Warlock • Air-Walker • Alicia Masters • Drax the Destroyer • Fantastic Four • Eternals • Firelord • Galactus • Infinity Watch • Mantis • Nova • Nova (Frankie Raye) • Pip the Troll • Shalla-Bal • Stardust Villains Annihilus • Champion of the Universe • Doctor Doom • Elders of the Universe • Ego the Living Planet • Galactus • Kree • Mephisto • Morg • Nebula • Red Shift • Skrulls • Stranger • Terrax • Thanos • Tyrant Group Affiliation Defenders • Herald of Galactus • The Order Titles & Storylines Annihilation • Fantastic Four • The Galactus Trilogy • Heroes Reborn • The Infinity Gauntlet • Ultimate Fantastic Four • Silver Surfer Other Media Fantastic Four (1967 TV series) • Video game • Fantastic Four (1994 TV series) • Silver Surfer (1998 TV series) • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer • The Super Hero Squad Show • Silver Surfer See also Power Cosmic • Supreme Intelligence • Zenn-La