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Johann Hast (June 15, 1808 – February 19, 1852) was a German philosopher who was born in Ottenstein-Ahaus. He studied philosophy and philology at the Academy of Münster, and afterwards taught classes at a vocational school in Münster. Later in his career he worked as a bookseller and private journalist in Berlin and Münster, and published works on philosophy, religion, education, et al. Among his written works were two books involving Hermesian philosophy titled: Hauptmomente der Hermesischen Philosophie (Key Points of Hermesian Philosophy), (1832) Über das Fürwahrhalten der theoretischen und das Fürwahrannehmen der praktischen Vernunft im Hermesischen Systeme (Concerning Theoretical Truths and Perceptions of Practical Reason in Hermesianism). He was also author of a critique on Güntherianism called Über das historische Auffassen und wissenschaftliche Erfassen des Christentums. Ein Beitrag zur Würdigung der Spekulation der Güntherschen Schule (Concerning the Historical Understanding and Realization of Christianity, an Article of Evaluation regarding Speculative Güntherianism). Hast died in Münster on February 19, 1852 at the age of 43. References Literatur Westfalen (translated biography) Persondata Name Hast, Johann Alternative names Short description Date of birth June 15, 1808 Place of birth Date of death February 19, 1852 Place of death This biography of a German philosopher is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e