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This article relies largely or entirely upon a single source. Please help improve this article by introducing appropriate citations to additional sources. (May 2010) General of the Army(GA)[1] is a military rank used in some countries to denote a senior military leader, usually a General in command of a nation's Army. It may also be the title given to a General who commands an Army in the field. The rank is typically considered the equivalent of Marshal, Field Marshal, Fleet Admiral, Da Jiang, Wonsu, Mushir and other equivalent "5 star ranks". The rank of Grand General, which may also be considered a General of the Army equivalent, has appeared most often in fiction, although it is the literal translation of Da Jiang. The rank of "General of the Army" should not be confused with the title "Army General"; the rank of "General of the Army" is usually the equivalent of a 5 star rank, and theoretically corresponds to overall command of an entire national army, whereas the title of "Army General" is usually held by the equivalent of a 4 star general, and corresponds to the command of an individual army in the field. Contents 1 General of the Army ranks by country 2 Equivalent General of the Army ranks 3 Similar General of the Army titles 4 See also 5 References // General of the Army ranks by country General of the Army (United States) General of Army of Ukraine Equivalent General of the Army ranks Field Marshal (Numerous countries) Maréchal de France (Marshal of France) (France) Artesh-Bod (Iran) (Note: Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 no one has been promoted to this rank.) Marechal (Brazil) Stožerni general (Croatia) Chom Phon (Thailand) Comandante en Jefe (Cuba) Jenderal Besar (Indonesia) Pradhan Senapati (Nepal) Da Jiang (Senior General) (People's Republic of China) Te Ji Shang Jiang (Generalissimo) (Republic of China) Wonsu (North and South Korea) Capitán General (Spain) Mushir (Arabic countries) Similar General of the Army titles Armeegeneral (Wachregiment F.E. Dzierzinsky of the GDR) Reichsführer-SS (Schutzstaffel of Nazi Germany) Stabschef (Nazi Stormtroopers "Sturmabteilung") See also Generalissimo Général General Officer Army General Staff (military) Ranks and insignia of NATO armies officers References ^ Army Regutation 600-20 see table 1-1.