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Denis Tassé (born c. 1954) is a Quebec politician and a businessman in Gatineau, Quebec. He is the current councillor of the district of des Riverains in the Gatineau sector. Tasse entered politics in 2005 when he was candidate to the ward left vacant by Therese Cyr who retired due to health issues. Tasse went on to win the councillor position in the municipal election. For his term, he gives an important consideration to the development of his areas notably in the Jacques Cartier Street area where there are plans for a major development project and also the La Baie Park, site of the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival that takes place every September. In 2006, there were reports that Tasse was approched by the Conservative Party of Canada for candidacy for a future election for the riding of Gatineau. There were no subsequent reports afterwards. Tasse was the second councillor after Joseph De Sylva being solicited by the Stephen Harper government. He was officially named the candidate on March 6, 2007 for the Gatineau riding which is currently held by Bloc Québécois MP Richard Nadeau [1][2] Tasse was the president of two local supermarkets stores. The first one is called Marche Tasse and is located in the Cantley area. The second store is a Provigo store in Gatineau. He recently gave the duties to his two daughters. See also Gatineau City Council References ^ Duquette, Patrick (2006-09-22). "Joseph De Sylva a decline l'offre des conservateurs pour la circonscription de Gatineau (Councillor declined offer from the Conservative Party for an electoral riding)". Le Droit. p. 6.  ^ SRC Gatineau (2007-03-07). "Denis Tassé sera candidat conservateur".  External links Gatineau City Council Website of Denis Tasse Electoral webpage of Denis Tasse Persondata Name Tasse, Denis Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1954 Place of birth Date of death Place of death