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Bregare (Bulgarian: Брегаре, "riverside people") is a village in central northern Bulgaria, part of Dolna Mitropoliya municipality, Pleven Province. Bregare lies on the left bank of the Iskar River, 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from its mouth in the Danube, at an elevation of around 40 metres (130 ft). As of 2008, it has a population of about 680 and the mayor is Sasho Stoyanov of the National Movement for Stability and Progress. The village was settled by Balkan Mountains colonists from Vratsa Province after the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878. Prior to that, following the Crimean War and more specifically the Siege of Sevastopol (1854–1855), the Ottoman government settled Crimean Tatars and Circassians in the area. They lived in dugouts and adobe houses, but were forced out of the country in 1878. After the Liberation, around 100 families of settlers from Kunino colonized the area; other Bulgarian colonists soon arrived. The colonists included 83 Banat Bulgarian families from Austria-Hungary who arrived in 1894.[1] The Orthodox church of Archangel Michael was built in 1912–1915 and inaugurated in 1920; according to accounts of elderly people, the architect was from Macedonia. The village also has a small Roman Catholic ("Banatian") church of the Holy Mother of God serving the Banat Bulgarian community. The Father Paisius school's current building was opened in 1934. Gallery Overview of Bregare Bulgarian Orthodox church Roman Catholic ("Banatian") church Father Paisius school References ^ Нягулов, Благовест (1999) (in Bulgarian). Банатските българи. Историята на една малцинствена общност във времето на националните държави. София: Парадигма. pp. p. 92. ISBN 978-954-9536-13-3.  Coordinates: 43°36′N 24°20′E / 43.6°N 24.333°E / 43.6; 24.333