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Uncle Bunny Faces is a demo by the Indie Rock band Modest Mouse from Issaquah, Washington. It was independently released on cassette by Issac Brock, the second of his early cassette demos after Tube Fruit, All Smiles and Chocolate, and stands as one of the earliest records of Modest Mouse's music. Track List 1. Hip-Hop Song 2. Amp Start 6, 9, 1 3. As On, Vandetta and Problem 4. Bricks 5. Crook 6. Money, Bad Timing Cat 7. Through Side 8. Short Term Memory Gets a Lolly 9. Shepards Pie 10. Ead 11. Times to Exhale 12. Bought Into 13. Bought Into 13. Impossible 14. Busy Bees In Gatsbies Tree 15. Whatever, Go Make Some Friends 16. Shortage Shed for Kids 17. So I've Got Alot of Time On My Hands (Parts 1 + 2) 18. Clock Watches 19. Maybe Your Jokes Aren't Funny 20. Toothache Splinter 21. Calico Went For A Walk Other Information - The cassette tapes were all handmade and featured a color Xeroxed cover as well as handwritten pen on the tape itself. -Songs are credited to Issac, Eric, Jeremy, Anonymous, Trevor, and Colin This article has not been added to any categories. Please help out by adding categories to it so that it can be listed with similar articles. (July 2011)