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Shiraho Saonetabaru Cave Ruins (白保竿根田原洞穴遺跡, Shiraho Saonetabaru Doketsu Iseki) is an archeological site located on Ishigaki Island of the Yaeyama Islands of Japan. It was discovered in 2007 when plans for the New Ishigaki Airport were being developed. Remains of human heads, feet, arms were found, in all 9 bones, by the Okinawa Limestone Cave Association.[1] Researchers from the Ryukyu University as well as Tokyo University came and used radiocarbon dating on the bones, one man's skull bones between 20-30 years was found to be some 20,000 years ago, another two items found to be 18,000 years of age. This would make these bones the oldest ever found in Japanese territory, surpassing those of the Hamakita Site of Shizuoka's Negata Cave, which were found to date to some 14,000 years ago.[2] References ^ ^