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This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. Unionoida mussel There are at least 42 species of Clams and Mussels known in Montana. [1] The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks has identified a number of bivalve species as Species of Concern.[2] Bivalvia is a class of marine and freshwater mollusks known for some time as Pelecypoda, but now commonly referred to simply as bivalves. As with Gastropoda and Cephalopoda, the term Pelecypoda is in reference to the animal itself while Bivalvia simply describes the shell. Other names for the class include Acephala, Bivalva, and Lamellibranchia. The class contains some 30,000 species, including scallops, clams, oysters and mussels. Bivalves have a shell consisting of two asymmetrically rounded halves called valves that are mirror images of each other, joined at one edge by a flexible ligament called the hinge. The shell is typically bilaterally symmetrical, with the hinge lying in the sagittal plane. Contents 1 Fingerclams and Peaclams 2 Margaritiferid Mussels 3 Unionid Mussels 4 Further reading 5 See also 6 Notes Fingerclams and Peaclams Order: Veneroida, Family: Sphaeriidae [3] A Peaclam, Pisidium variabile magnum A Peaclam, Pisidium arbortivum A Peaclam, Pisidium imbecille A Peaclam, Pisidium obtusale A Peaclam, Pisidium ovum A Peaclam, Pisidium roperi A Peaclam, Pisidium scutulatum A Peaclam, Sphaerium sulcatum A Peaclam, Sphaerium tenue Adam Peaclam, Pisidium adamsi Alpine Peaclam, Pisidium conventus Arctic Fingernailclam, Sphaerium nitidum Fat Peaclam, Pisidium rotundatum Giant Northern Peaclam, Pisidium idahoense Globular Peaclam, Pisidium ventricosum Grooved Fingernailclam, Sphaerium simile Herrington Fingernailclam, Sphaerium occidentale Lake Fingernailclam, Musculium lacustre Lilljeborg Peaclam, Pisidium lilljeborgi Long Fingernailclam, Musculium transversum Pond Fingernailclam, Musculium securis Quadrangular Pillclam, Pisidium milium Rhomboid Fingernailclam, Sphaerium rhomboideum Ridged-beak Peaclam, Pisidium compressum River Fingernailclam, Sphaerium fabale River Peaclam, Pisidium fallax Rocky Mountain Fingernailclam, Sphaerium patella Rusty Peaclam, Pisidium ferrugineum Shiny Peaclam, Pisidium nitidum Short-end Peaclam, Pisidium subtruncatum Striated Fingernailclam, Sphaerium striatinum Swamp Fingernailclam, Musculium partumeium Tiny Peaclam, Pisidium insigne Triangular Peaclam, Pisidium variabile Ubiquitous Peaclam, Pisidium casertanum Walker Peaclam, Pisidium walkeri Margaritiferid Mussels Order: Unionoida, Family: Margaritiferidae [4] Western Pearlshell, Margaritifera falcata Unionid Mussels Order: Unionoida, Family: Unionidae [5] Black Sandshell, Ligumia recta Fatmucket, Lampsilis siliquoidea Giant Floater, Pyganodon grandis Mapleleaf, Quadrula quadrula White Heelsplitter, Lasmigona complanata Further reading Henderson, J (1924). Mollusca of Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Boulder, CO: University of Colorado Museum.  "Freshwater Mussels of Montana-A Field Guide". Montana Natural Heritage Program. Retrieved 2010-12-28.  Stagliano, David (2010). Freshwater Mussels in Montana: Comprehensive Results from 3 years of SWG Funded Surveys. Montana Natural Heritage Program.  See also Amphibians and Reptiles of Montana Birds of Montana Crustaceans of Montana Mammals of Montana Notes ^ "Montana Field Guide-Bivalvia". Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Retrieved 2010-12-26.  ^ Species of Concern are native taxa that are at-risk due to declining population trends, threats to their habitats, restricted distribution, and/or other factors. Designation as a Montana Species of Concern or Potential Species of Concern is based on the Montana Status Rank, and is not a statutory or regulatory classification. Rather, these designations provide information that helps resource managers make proactive decisions regarding species conservation and data collection priorities. See the latest Species of Concern Reports for more detailed explanations and assessment criteria. "Montana Field Guide-Species of Concern". Retrieved 2010-12-07.  ^ "Montana Field Guide-Fingerclams". Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Retrieved 2012-12-28.  ^ "Montana Field Guide-Margaritiferid mussels". Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Retrieved 2012-12-28.  ^ "Montana Field Guide-Unionid mussels". Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Retrieved 2012-12-28.  v · d · e State of Montana Helena (capital) Topics History · Governors · People · Geography · State Government · Delegations · Visitor Attractions Society Crime · Demographics · Economy · Education · Politics Regions The Flathead · Glacier National Park · Regional designations of Montana  · Western Montana · Yellowstone Largest cities Anaconda · Belgrade · Billings · Bozeman · Butte · Glendive · Great Falls · Havre · Helena · Kalispell · Laurel · Lewistown · Livingston · Miles City · Missoula · Sidney · Whitefish Counties Beaverhead · Big Horn · Blaine · Broadwater · Carbon · Carter · Cascade · Chouteau · Custer · Daniels · Dawson · Deer Lodge · Fallon · Fergus · Flathead · Gallatin · Garfield · Glacier · Golden Valley · Granite · Hill · Jefferson · Judith Basin · Lake · Lewis and Clark · Liberty · Lincoln · Madison · McCone · Meagher · Mineral · Missoula · Musselshell · Park · Petroleum · Phillips · Pondera · Powder River · Powell · Prairie · Ravalli · Richland · Roosevelt · Rosebud · Sanders · Sheridan · Silver Bow · Stillwater · Sweet Grass · Teton · Toole · Treasure · Valley · Wheatland · Wibaux · Yellowstone