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Nepotian or Nepocian (from Latin Nepotianus, now Spanish Nepociano) was a Visigothic count and usurping King of Asturias in 842 after the death of Alfonso II. Later sources make him Alfonso's brother-in-law, but this is chronologically implausible, nor is there evidence for such a sister. The earliest chronicle simply calls him Alfonso's kinsman. Likewise he is sometimes identified with a man of this name who appears in a charter of king Silo, but were he the same he would have been in his nineties at the time he machinated for the throne.[1] He did not live long on the throne. Ramiro I defeated Nepocian at the Battle of the Bridge of Cornellana, by the river Narcea. Ramiro then removed the system of election which allowed his family to be displaced by a faction of nobles. Notes ^ J. E. Casariego, "Una Revolucion Asturiana en el Siglo IX: El Interregno del Conde Nepociano", Boleton del Instituto de Estudios Asturianos, Año 23 (1969), No. 68, pp. 313-339. Preceded by Alfonso II King of Asturias 842 Succeeded by Ramiro I