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Alberto Toscano is a cultural critic, social theorist, philosopher and translator best known to the English-speaking world for his translations of the work of Alain Badiou, including Badiou’s The Century and Logics of Worlds. He served as both editor and translator of Badiou’s Theoretical Writings and On Beckett. Alberto Toscano's own work has been described both as an investigation of the persistence of the idea of communism in contemporary thought and a genealogical inquiry into the concept of fanaticism.[1] He is the author of The Theatre of Production (2006), and his book Fanaticism: The Uses of an Idea was published in 2010. Toscano has published numerous articles on contemporary philosophy, politics and social theory: a recent article being his treatment of the Tarnac 9 case, written for The Guardian in December 2009.[2] A lecturer in sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London, Toscano is a member of the editorial board of the journal Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory. According to Alex Callinicos this journal "has been one of the main drivers of the academic revival of Marxism" [3] since the mid-1990s. Contents 1 Selected bibliography 2 Film appearances 3 References 4 External links Selected bibliography Translated Books Alain Badiou, Logics of Worlds, London: Continuum, 2009. Alain Badiou, The Century, London: Polity, 2007. (with M. Mandarini) Antonio Negri, Political Descartes: Reason, Ideology and the Bourgeois Project, London: Verso, 2007. Alain Badiou, Handbook of Inaesthetics, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2004. (with Ray Brassier), Alain Badiou, Theoretical Writings, London: Continuum, 2004. (with E.R. Albert), Éric Alliez, The Signature of the World, Or, What is Deleuze and Guattari’s Philosophy?, London: Continuum, 2004. (with Nina Power), Alain Badiou, On Beckett, London: Clinamen Press, 2003. Authored books Theatre of Production: Philosophy and Individuation between Kant and Deleuze, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2006. Fanaticism: The Uses of an Idea, New York: Verso, 2010. Le Fanatisme. Modes d'emploi, La fabrique, 2011 (FR). Articles in edited collections and books "Technical Culture and the Limits of Interaction: A Note on Simondon," in Joke Brouwer & Arjen Mulder (eds.), Interact or Die! (Rotterdam: NAi, 2007): 198-205. (with Nina Power), "Politics". Badiou: Key Concepts. Ed. Justin Clemens and A. J. Barlett. (London: Acumen, 2010). [4] Film appearances Marx Reloaded, ZDF/Arte, April 2011. References ^ ^ Criminalising Dissent in this article at The Guardian, Toscano points out that the case of France's Tarnac Nine shows we are losing the political literacy to distinguish between sabotage and terrorism ^ Alex Callinicos (July 1, 2010). "Marxism 2010: fixing a broken system". Retrieved July 6, 2010.  ^ Contributions from various Badiou scholars and translators including, along with Toscano and Clemens, Bruno Bosteels, Ray Brassier, Oliver Feltham, Z.L. Fraser External links Toscano's Faculty Homepage at Goldsmith's, University of London website Rethinking Marxism and Religion an essay Toscano published at the website: Bienvenue sur le site du séminaire Marx au XXIe siècle Toscano's Author Page at Institute for the Unstable Media Communist knowledge/Communist power transcript of Toscano's paper delivered on day two of the Birkbeck Communism conference in London, March 2009 Dual Power Revisited: From Civil War to Biopolitical Islam essay which appeared in the journal Soft Target; this is the on-line version Chronicles of Insurrection - Tronti, Negri and the Subject of Antagonism an on-line reprint of an essay by Toscano first published in Cosmos and History 5.1 (2009) This biography of an academic is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e