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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Pang. Pang Jiaying Personal information Full name Pang Jiaying Country  China Stroke(s) Freestyle Date of birth January 6, 1985 (1985-01-06) (age 26) Place of birth Shanghai, China Height 1.77 m (5 ft 9 1⁄2 in) Medal record Women's swimming Competitor for  China Olympic Games Silver 2004 Athens 4×200 m freestyle Silver 2008 Beijing 4×200 m freestyle Bronze 2008 Beijing 4×100 m medley Bronze 2008 Beijing 200 m freestyle World Championships (LC) Gold 2009 Rome 4x200 m freestyle Bronze 2005 Montreal 4x200 m freestyle World Championships (SC) Gold 2010 Dubai 4×200 m freestyle Silver Shanghai 2006 4x200 m freestyle Bronze 2010 Dubai 4×100 m freestyle Summer Universiade Gold 2003 Daegu 4×200 m freestyle Gold 2003 Daegu 4×100 m medley Asian Games Gold 2006 Doha 200 m freestyle Gold 2006 Doha 4x100 m freestyle Gold 2006 Doha 4x200 m freestyle Gold 2006 Doha 4x100 m medley Silver 2006 Doha 50 m freestyle Silver Doha 2006 100 m freestyle Pang Jiaying (simplified Chinese: 庞佳颖; traditional Chinese: 龐佳穎; pinyin: Páng Jiāyǐng; born January 6, 1985 in Shanghai) is a female Chinese freestyle swimmer who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics and the 2008 Summer Olympics. Pang is one of the best Chinese women in middle and long-distance freestyle swimming. She won the silver medal as part of the Chinese 4×200 m freestyle relay team in Athens. In the 200 metre freestyle competition she finished seventh and in the 400 metre freestyle event she finished 14th. In 2008, she won the bronze medal in women's 200m freestyle at the Beijing Olympics. She placed first in the semifinal of the women's 100m freestyle, but was disqualified after a false start. Subsequently, the world-record holder and world champion Libby Trickett was promoted from ninth to eighth and last qualifier into the final, as a result of having the 9th fastest time in the semifinals. Major performances 2003: Barcelona World Swimming Championships: Third, women's 4×200m freestyle relay 2004: Shanxi National Swimming Championship: First, women's 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle and 400m freestyle 2004: Athens Olympics: Seventh, women's 200m freestyle; second, women's 4×200m freestyle relay 2004: World Short Course Swimming Championships: Seventh, women's 200m freestyle 2005: National Games: Second, women's 200m freestyle 2008: Beijing Olympics: Third, women's 200 m freestyle References Pang Jiaying External links profile v · d · eSummer Universiade Champions in Women's 4×200 m Freestyle Relay  1983: Soviet Union: Unknown  •  1985: USA: (Zemina, Shupe, O'Leary, Meagher) •  1987: USA: (O'Leary, Meyers, Kriegsman, Kremer) •  1991: Soviet Union: Unknown  •  1993: Canada: Unknown  •  1995: USA: (Haag, Jacob, Taormina, Anderson) •  1997: USA: (Thies, Black, Jesperson, Haag) •  1999: USA: (Owen, Black, Kilian, Zimbone) •  2001: USA: (Tolar, Komisarz, Williams, Black) •  2003: PR China: (Xu Yanwei, Qi Hui, Chen Hua, Pang Jiaying) •  2005: USA: (Medina, Hill, Chandler, Retrum) •  2007: USA: (Dwelley, Reilly, Smith, Sandeno) •  2009: USA: (Scroggy, Ohlgren, Nauta, Heiss) v · d · eSummer Universiade Champions in Women's 4×100 m Medley Relay 1959: Italy: Unknown · 1961: Soviet Union: Unknown · 1963: Hungary: Unknown · 1965: Hungary: Unknown · 1967: USA: (Moore, Goyette, Randall, Gustavson) · 1970: USA: (Hall, Kurtz, Colella, McCuen) · 1973: USA: (Tullis, Arr, Arden, Tuttle) · 1977: USA: (McCully, Tasnady, Harrell, Hinderaker) · 1979: USA: (Breedy, Hegel, Rapp, Caulkins) · 1981: USA: (Carlisle, Waters, Sterkel, Major) · 1983: Soviet Union: Unknown · 1985: USA: (Donahue, Smith, Meagher, Johnson) · 1987: USA: (O'Brien, Rhodenbaugh, Eyles, Berzins) · 1991: USA: (Bedford, Hedman, Morgan, Stoudt) · 1993: USA: (Humphrey, Heisick, Depold, Perroni) · 1995: USA: (Heydanek, King Bednar, Campbell, Edwards) · 1997: Japan: Unknown · 1999: Japan: (Inada, Nakashima, Hagiwara, Imoto) 2001: PR China: Unknown · 2003: PR China: (Zhan Shu, Luo Xuejuan, Xu Yanwei, Pang Jiaying) · 2005: USA: (McGregory, Jendrick, Christianson, Correia) · 2007: Japan: (Terakawa, Tamura, Kato, Urabe) · 2009: USA: (Rogers, Freeman, Sims, Kennedy, Scroggy, Ohlgren) This article about a Chinese Olympic medalist is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e This biographical article related to a People's Republic of China swimmer is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e