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This page is a new unreviewed article. This template should be removed once the page has been reviewed by someone other than its creator; if necessary the page should be appropriately tagged for cleanup. If you are the article's creator, you can seek feedback on your new article. (September 2010) The Truths are a British rock band formed by Anthony Neale (vocals) and Joe Taylor (guitar) in 2004. They are currently signed to Aardvark Records. Their debut album 'Above All' is produced by Hugh Jones (Echo & The Bunnymen, The Charlatans) and Dare Mason (Placebo, Elton John, Prince), it is mastered by Dave Blackman (Keane). History (2001) After the break up of Anthony's band Mainstream, Anthony moved to Poland where the band had been very successful (apparently outselling Blur at one point). Having signed as a solo artist to BMG/ZIC/ZAC under the moniker of Antosh (his Polish nickname), releasing and recording records for many major Polish artists including Myslovitz, O.N.A, Smolik and Nosowska, Anthony returned to England and formed The Truths originally around his solo album. (2004) Anthony and Joe met through a mutual friend and started working on Anthony's songs and immediately a strong musical partnership was formed. Through Joe, James Goddard(bass) joined the band bringing Simon Ward-Wilson (keyboards, guitar) with him. After supporting Rooster at Princess Pavillions, Dave Neale (drums) was impressed with the band and joined them shortly after Roosters demise. (2007) The band moved to London to tour extensively and although they were courted by several major labels and nominated for a London Indie Award, the recession raging within the music industry at that time saw labels such as Sanctuary, V2 and Independiente all disappear leaving the band label-less. (2008/2009) The band recorded their debut album 'Above All' with Hugh Jones and Dare Mason. Hugh Jones, showing such faith in the band, worked for free. (2010) The band were signed by Andrew Reeve and Alex di Savoia to Aardvark Records. The label had wished to sign the band for several years after witnessing their amazing live shows in London and Anthony's ongoing solo career as a remixer, producer and guest vocalist had brought him into contact with the label in 2006. Critical response to their live shows and debut album has been ecstatic, prompting one journalist to exclaim "The Truths are the best band I’ve seen in ten years”, Stoked magazine calling them “a sexy, aggressive wall of sound”, The Guardian calling them “absolutely f*****g amazing!” and NME proclaiming "rock is back!" References External links The Truths Myspace The Truths Facebook The Truths Reverbnation The Truths Twitter The Truths on Aardvarks Website