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Aberdeen, Hong Kong Harbour of Aberdeen Chinese 香港仔 Cantonese Jyutping hoeng1 gong2 zai2 Literal meaning little Hong Kong Transcriptions Mandarin - Hanyu Pinyin Xiānggǎngzǎi Cantonese - Jyutping hoeng1 gong2 zai2 Aberdeen (pronounced /æbərˈdiːn/ ( listen)) is an area on the south shore of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. It is part of the Southern District. Aberdeen Harbour is a harbour between Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau. The name 'Aberdeen' usually covers the areas of Aberdeen, Wong Chuk Hang and Ap Lei Chau, but it is more often used to refer to the town only. Population is approximately 60,000. Contents 1 Etymology 2 Transport 3 Food 4 Sports 5 In popular culture 6 Education 7 See also 8 References 9 References 10 External links Etymology Starting during the Ming Dynasty, "Hong Kong" became the original name for the presently-named Aberdeen village.[1] In the early 19th century, foreigners who landed near Aberdeen Village mistook the name of the village "Hong Kong" for the whole island. When the foreigners eventually realized their mistake, the name "Hong Kong" was already commonly used to refer to the entire island.[1] Thus in 1845, Aberdeen was named after the British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen. Aberdeen is known indigenously as Heung Kong Tsai or Hong Kong Tsai (香港仔), which means Hong Kong Minor. It is believed that Aberdeen is where the name of Hong Kong (more accurate transcription, Heung Kong) originates. Heung Kong Tsuen (香港村, Hong Kong village) on Ap Lei Chau was mentioned in Ming maps. Another walled-village Heung Kong Wai in Wong Chuk Hang was also founded during Qianlong era of Qing. Heung Kong means 'fragrant harbour' and it was Aberdeen where incense trees (Aquilaria sinensis) from the New Territories used to be transferred for export to other cities in China. One alternative Chinese name was "Shek Pai Wan"[2] (石排灣). Today Aberdeen is famous to tourists for its floating village and the floating seafood restaurants such as the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. The Tanka people are generally associated with the fishing industry, and there are also several dozen expatriates living on boats in the harbour. Panoramic view of Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong, from Ocean Park. The island at the centre is Ap Lei Chau. Aberdeen Harbour is located between Ap Lei Chau and the town of Aberdeen to the right. Transport Aberdeen Harbour Sampan Boat port Aberdeen is served by Pok Fu Lam Road, Aberdeen Tunnel and Nam Fung Road through Wong Chuk Hang. Nam Fung Road connects Deep Water Bay Road, which also connects Wong Nai Chung Gap Road to Happy Valley. A bridge links Aberdeen with Ap Lei Chau over Aberdeen Harbour. The proposed MTR South Island Line (West Section) will have stations in this area. There are regular ferries to Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island. Transport to and from the boats in the harbour is usually provided by sampans. These can also be hired to Lamma Island. Food Aberdeen Jumbo Floating Restaurant [1] is a favoured tourist spot. Looking like a floating palace of imperial China, it has attracted over 30 million visitors since opening in 1976. Some of the famous diners include Elizabeth II, John Wayne, Tom Cruise, Chow Yun-fat and Gong Li. It has also been featured in many Hong Kong and Hollywood movies. Sports Aberdeen Sports Ground is a major sports and events venue in Southern District. In popular culture A gate of Aberdeen Square, the largest shopping area in Aberdeen Aberdeen Harbour is the first area of the video game Shenmue II. The Hollywood martial arts film, Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee used Aberdeen Harbour as a filming location for the scenes where the principal characters assemble on Han's junk for the sea journey to his island. Education Canadian International School of Hong Kong, Singapore International School and Victoria Shanghai Academy are all located on Nam Long Shan. Victoria Shanghai Academy is an International Baccalaureate World School, and runs all three educational programs of the IB. The International Montessori School is located on Ap Lei Chau near Aberdeen. South Island School is located nearby on Hong Kong Island. Local Chinese high schools in Aberdeen district include Pui Tak Canossian College and St Peter's Secondary School in Aberdeen Centre and Aberdeen Technical School in Wong Chuk Hang. See also Aberdeen Harbour looking towards Magazine Island Aberdeen Typhoon Shelters List of harbours in Hong Kong List of buildings, sites and areas in Hong Kong Aberdeen, Scotland, which also has a harbour Central Ordnance Munitions Depot References Transport Department site giving routes and timetables (2005). Eywitness Travel Guides: China, London:Dorling Kindersley. ISBN 1-4053-0876-1. References ^ a b "A short guide to Aberdeen." from sign at Aberdeen Floating Village, Published by: Southern District Council, Hong Kong. Date visited: 12 October 2009. ^ Hong Kong Illustrations of China and Its People, John Thomson 1837–1921, (London,1873–1874) External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Aberdeen, Hong Kong Aberdeen photo gallery (Archived 2009-10-24) Satellite view of the site v · d · ePorts and harbours of Hong Kong Harbours Aberdeen, Hong Kong · Crooked Harbour · Double Haven · Gin Drinkers Bay · Hebe Haven · Holt's Wharf · Inner Port Shelter · Long Harbour · Mun Tsai Tong · Port Shelter · Rocky Harbour · Starling Inlet · Tai Tam Harbour · Three Fathoms Cove · Tolo Harbour · Tsing Yi Tong · Victoria Harbour Ports Kwai Tsing Container Terminals (Container Terminal 9 · Hongkong International Terminals Ltd. · Modern Terminals Limited) · River Trade Terminal Coordinates: 22°14′52″N 114°09′06″E / 22.24778°N 114.15167°E / 22.24778; 114.15167