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Red-winged Laughingthrush Conservation status Least Concern (IUCN 3.1) Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Passeriformes Family: Timaliidae Genus: Garrulax (disputed) Species: G. formosus Binomial name Garrulax formosus (Verreaux, 1869) The Red-winged Laughingthrush (Garrulax formosus) is a bird species in the Old World babbler family (Timaliidae). In the proposed rearrangement of the laughingthrushes, it is placed in the genus Trochalopteron, as T. formosum. The plumage is mostly brown with large areas of red in the wings and tail. The crown and ear-coverts are grey with dark streaks and the throat is dark. The bill and feet are blackish. It has a loud, whistling song and is 27 to 28 centimetres long. The Red-tailed Laughingthrush is similar but has a rufous crown and greyer back and breast. It is found in south-west China (Sichuan, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces) and north-west Vietnam. It inhabits forest, secondary growth, scrub and bamboo from 900 to 3000 metres above sea level. It is an elusive bird which travels in pairs or small groups in dense cover near the forest floor. Little is known about its reproductive habits but in China breeding takes place during June and July. There have been a number of records of the species on the Isle of Man since 1995 after some birds escaped from captivity. They have bred in the wild since 1996 but the population is not yet considered to be established. References BirdLife International (2004). Garrulax formosus. 2006. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. IUCN 2006. Retrieved on 6 December 2006. Database entry includes justification for why this species is of least concern Steve P. Dudley (2005) Changes to Category C of the British List, Ibis 147:803 John MacKinnon & Karen Phillipps (2000) A Field Guide to the Birds of China, Oxford University Press, Oxford Malcolm Ogilvie (2003) Non-native birds breeding in the United Kingdom in 2001 British Birds 96:620-625 Craig Robson (2002) A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia. New Holland, London External links Red-winged Laughingthrush videos on the Internet Bird Collection