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Ali Vâsib Head of the House of Osman Term 19 January 1977 - 9 December 1983 (&00000000000000050000005 years, &000000000000007100000071 days) Predecessor Mehmed Abdulaziz Successor Mehmed Orhan Spouse Emine Mükbile Issue Osman Selaheddin Osmanoğlu House Imperial House of Osman Father Ahmed IV Nihad Mother Safiru Hanım Efendi Born 14 October 1903 Istanbul(Constantinople), Ottoman Empire Died 9 December 1983(1983-12-09) (aged 80) Alexandria, Egypt Religion Islam Ali Vâsib (14 October 1903 - 9 December 1983) was the 41st head of the Ottoman dynasty from 1977 to 1983. If reigning, he would have been Sultan Ali I. Contents 1 Life 2 Marriage and issue 3 Notes 4 References // Life He was born at Çırağan Palace in Istanbul(Constantinople),[1][2] as the only child and son of Ahmed IV Nihad by his first wife HH Safiru Hanım Efendi. He died in Alexandria and was buried there before being re-buried in Sultan Resad's mausoleum at Eyup in 2007. Marriage and issue He married his cousin Emine Mükbile in Nice on 24 April/30 November 1931 and had one son, Osman Selaheddin Osmanoğlu, who was born on 7 July 1940 in Alexandria. Osman Selahaddin married Athena Christoforides [9 MAR 1944 - ]Union: 27 AUG 1966, London,Middlesex,UK HIH Ayse Gülnev Osmanoglu Sultana [17 JAN 1971 - ] HIH Shehzade Orhan Murad OSMANOGLU Efendi [26 DEC 1972 - ] HIH Shehzade Nihad Reshad OSMANOGLU Efendi [17 SEP 1978 - 19 DEC 1978] HIH Shehzade Selim Suleyman OSMANOGLU Efendi [15 DEC 1979 - ] Notes ^ The Encyclopædia Britannica, Vol.7, Edited by Hugh Chisholm, (1911), 3; Constantinople, the capital of the Turkish Empire... ^ Britannica, Istanbul:When the Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923, the capital was moved to Ankara, and Constantinople was officially renamed Istanbul in 1930. References Genealogy of Ali Vasib The History Files: The Ottoman Empire Ali Vâsib House of Osman Born: October 13 1903 Died: December 9 1983 Titles in pretence Preceded by Mehmed Abdulaziz — TITULAR — Sultan of the Ottoman Empire January 19, 1977 – December 9, 1983 Reason for succession failure: Empire abolished in 1922 Succeeded by Mehmed Orhan — TITULAR — Caliph of Islam January 19, 1977 – December 9, 1983 Reason for succession failure: Caliphate abolished in 1924 v • d • e Claimants to the Ottoman throne since 1922 1922 Mehmed VI 1922–1944 Abdülmecid II 1944–1954 Ahmed Nihad 1954–1973 Osman Fuad 1973–1977 Mehmed Abdulaziz 1977–1983 Ali Vâsib 1983–1994 Mehmed Orhan 1994–2009 Ertuğrul Osman 2009–present Bayezid Osman Current heir Dündar Aliosman See also Ottoman Dynasty Persondata Name Ali Vasib Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death This Ottoman Empire-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e This Turkish biographical article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e