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The following is a list of individual Chinese Basketball Association scoring leaders by season. 2007 2006:  United States 安东尼·迈尔斯 Anthony Myles 2005:  China 唐正东 Tang Zhong Dong 2004:  United States 高德·山姆高德 God Shammgod 2003:  China 孙军 Sun Gun 2002:  China 刘玉栋 Liu Yu Dong 2001:  China 孙军 Sun Gun 2000:  China 胡卫东 Hu Wei Dong 1999:  China 孙军 Sun Gun 1998:  China 巩晓彬 Gong Xiao Bin 1997:  China 胡卫东 Hu Wei Dong 1996:  China 胡卫东 Hu Wei Dong See also Chinese Basketball Association External links Sina Sports CBA Main Page This basketball-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e