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This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This biography of a living person needs additional references or sources for verification. Tagged since June 2008. Its neutrality is disputed. Tagged since June 2008. It may contain material not appropriate for an encyclopedia. Tagged since June 2008. John LaBruzzo (born July 6, 1970, New Orleans, Louisiana) is a Republican member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, representing District 81 in Metairie, Louisiana. He currently occupies the legislative district formerly represented by David Duke and David Vitter. Contents 1 District profile 2 Voluntary sterilization proposal 3 References 4 External links District profile District 81 includes a section of Metairie near the storied 17th Street Canal, which was breached in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It consists of the mostly residential neighborhoods of "Bucktown," "Hog Alley," and "Old Metairie." Many residents are upper income, especially in the Old Metairie neighborhoods near the Metairie Country Club and enclaves farther out on Metairie Road. There are pockets of older, blue-collar residents in "Bucktown" and "Hog Alley." The remainder of residents are solidly middle class with a large concentration of whites. The district is arguably the most conservative in the state of Louisiana, with a large number of Republicans.[citation needed] Voluntary sterilization proposal Wikinews has related news: Voluntary sterilization of poor women proposed by Louisiana state legislator On September 23, 2008, LaBruzzo raised controversy by proposing that women receiving government welfare should receive $1,000 if they voluntarily choose to be sterilized. The proposal was criticized by opponents as "racist, sexist, unethical and immoral."[1] The voluntary sterilization proposal has a great deal in common with a previous proposal by Neo-Nazi David Duke, who formerly occupied LaBruzzo's seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives. To wit, "David Duke, the unsuccessful candidate for governor, proposed legislation offering $100 a year to welfare recipients who used Norplant. That, too, was defeated."[2] LaBruzzo's proposal goes even farther than Duke's, as he has proposed permanent sterilization, as opposed to temporary birth control. Norplant, which Duke proposed using, has a 5-year period of effectiveness. The public furor and negative reaction that arose over LaBruzzo's proposal led to him losing a leadership position in the Louisiana Legislature. On October 6, 2008, LaBruzzo "was removed... from his position as vice chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee." [3] References ^ ^ Lewin, Tamar (November 29, 1991). "5-Year Contraceptive Implant Seems Headed for Wide Use". The New York Times. Retrieved May 6, 2010.  ^ External links John LaBruzzo page at Louisiana House of Representatives v · d · eMembers of the Louisiana House of Representatives Speaker of the House: Jim Tucker (R) • Speaker pro Tempore: Joel Robideaux (I)        Jim Morris (R)    Roy A. Burrell (D)    Barbara Norton (D)    Patrick Williams (D)    Alan Seabaugh (R)    Thomas G. Carmody (R)    Richard Burford (R)    Jane H. Smith (R)    Henry Burns (R)    Jean M. Doerge (D)    Rick Gallot (D)    Hollis Downs (R)    James R. Fannin (D)    Sam Little (R)    Frank Hoffmann (R)    Kay Katz (R)    Rosalind Jones (D)    Major Thibaut (D)    Bubba Chaney (R)    Noble Ellington (R)    Andy Anders (D)    Billy Chandler (R)    Rick Nowlin (R)    Frank A. 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