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Bernard S. Greenberg is a programmer and computer scientist, known for his work on Multics and the Lisp machine. Projects In 1978, Greenberg implemented Multics Emacs[1] using Multics Maclisp. The success of this effort influenced the choice of Lisp as the basis for later versions of Emacs.[2][3] Greenberg was involved in the design of the "New Error System" at Symbolics, which in turn influenced the condition system adopted by ANSI Common Lisp.[4] While working at Symbolics, Greenberg implemented the Lisp machine File System (LMFS).[5] In 1987, Greenberg and Sonya Keene authored RFC 1037. NFILE - a file access protocol. Notes ^ Bernard S. Greenberg. Multics Emacs: The History, Design and Implementation, ^ Multics Lisp (Multics MacLisp) ( ^ Jamie Zawinski's Emacs Timeline ^ Condition System, Revision #18 by Kent Pitman (12-Mar-88) ^ Blog entry (11-Nov-2007) by Daniel Weinreb This biographical article relating to a computer scientist is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e