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Calcari Grigi di Noriglio Formation Type Geological formation Lithology Location The Calcari Grigi di Noriglio Formation is a Mesozoic geologic formation. Fossil prosauropod tracks have been reported from the formation.[1] See also List of dinosaur-bearing rock formations List of stratigraphic units with sauropodomorph tracks Prosauropod tracks Footnotes Earth sciences portal Paleontology portal Dinosaurs portal ^ Weishampel, et al. (2004). "Dinosaur distribution." Pp. 517-607. References Weishampel, David B.; Dodson, Peter; and Osmólska, Halszka (eds.): The Dinosauria, 2nd, Berkeley: University of California Press. 861 pp. ISBN 0-520-24209-2. This article about a specific stratigraphic formation is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e