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Paucident Planigale[1] Conservation status Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)[2] Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Infraclass: Marsupialia Order: Dasyuromorphia Family: Dasyuridae Genus: Planigale Species: P. gilesi Binomial name Planigale gilesi Aitken, 1972 The Paucident Planigale (Planigale gilesi), also known as Giles' Planigale, is a very small species of carnivorous marsupial of the family Dasyuridae. Contents 1 Taxonomy 2 Description 3 Distribution and habitat 4 References 5 External links // Taxonomy The Paucident Planigale was not formally described until 1972, when it was named in honour of the explorer Ernest Giles, who explored Australia's deserts, including this species' habitat.[3] It is one of five members of the planigale genus. Description The Paucident Planigale differs from other planigales in its plain grey colouring and its two premolars in each tooth row (all other planigales have three).[4] It feeds on many small creatures, including beetles, locusts, spiders or other arthropods, and even occasionally feeds on small lizards or mammals. The Paucident Planigale kills small prey with quick bites. Although it is believed that fewer than twenty percent of individuals survive for more than two years, captive animals have reached five years of age.[3] Distribution and habitat The Paucident Planigale is found in arid inland areas from Lake Eyre, South Australia, to Moree, New South Wales, and from Mildura, Victoria, to the southwestern Northern Territory.[4] It is often found in areas with cracked clay soils, including floodplains and interdune areas among sandhills, the cracks providing shelter from adverse weather conditions.[3] References ^ Groves, C. (2005). Wilson, D. E., & Reeder, D. M, eds. ed. Mammal Species of the World (3rd ed.). Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. pp. 36. ISBN 0-801-88221-4. OCLC 62265494.  ^ Ellis, M., van Weenen, J. & Pennay, M. (2008). Planigale gilesi. In: IUCN 2008. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 28 December 2008. Database entry includes justification for why this species is of least concern ^ a b c Read, D. G. (1995). "Giles' Planigale". In Strahan, Ronald. The Mammals of Australia. Reed Books. pp. 107–109. ISBN 0-7301-0484-2  ^ a b Menkhorst, Peter (2001). A Field Guide to the Mammals of Australia. Oxford University Press. p. 64.  External links Photo of Paucident Planigale v • d • e Extant Dasyuromorphia species Kingdom Animalia · Phylum Chordata · Class Mammalia · Infraclass Marsupialia   Family Dasyuridae, subfamily Dasyurinae Dasyurini Dasycercus (Mulgaras) Brush-tailed Mulgara (D. blythi) · Crest-tailed Mulgara (D. cristicauda) Dasykaluta Little Red Kaluta (D. rosamondae) Dasyuroides Kowari (D. byrnei) Dasyurus (Quolls) New Guinean Quoll (D. albopunctatus) · Western Quoll (D. geoffroii) · Northern Quoll (D. hallucatus) · Tiger Quoll (D. maculatus) · Bronze Quoll (D. spartacus) · Eastern Quoll (D. viverrinus) Myoictis Three-striped Dasyure (M. melas) · Wallace's Dasyure (M. wallacii) Neophascogale Speckled Dasyure (N. lorentzi) Parantechinus Dibbler (P. apicalis) Phascolosorex (Marsupial shrews) Red-bellied Marsupial Shrew (P. doriae) · Narrow-striped Marsupial Shrew (P. dorsalis) Pseudantechinus (False antechinuses) Sandstone Dibbler (P. bilarni) · Fat-tailed False Antechinus (P. macdonnellensis) · Alexandria False Antechinus (P. mimulus) · Ningbing False Antechinus (P. ningbing) · Rory Cooper's False Antechinus (P. roryi) · Woolley's False Antechinus (P. woolleyae) Sarcophilus Tasmanian Devil (S. harrisii) Phascogalini Antechinus Tropical Antechinus (A. adustus) · Agile Antechinus (A. agilis) · Fawn Antechinus (A. bellus) · Yellow-footed Antechinus (A. flaviceps) · Atherton Antechinus (A. godmani) · Cinnamon Antechinus (A. leo) · Swamp Antechinus (A. minimus) · Brown Antechinus (A. stuartii) · Subtropical Antechinus (A. subtropicus) · Dusky Antechinus (A. swainsonii) Micromurexia Habbema Dasyure (A. habbema) Murexechinus Black-tailed Dasyure (M. melanurus) Murexia Short-furred Dasyure (M. longicaudata) Paramurexia Broad-striped Dasyure (P. rothschildi) Phascomurexia Long-nosed Dasyure (P. naso) Phascogale Red-tailed Phascogale (P. calura) · Brush-tailed Phascogale (P. tapoatafa)   Family Dasyuridae, subfamily Sminthopsinae Sminthopsini Antechinomys Kultarr (A. laniger) Ningaui Wongai Ningaui (N. ridei) · Pilbara Ningaui (N. timealeyi) · Southern Ningaui (N. yvonnae) Sminthopsis (Dunnarts) S. crassicaudata species-group: Fat-tailed Dunnart (S. crassicaudata) S. macroura species-group: Kakadu Dunnart (S. bindi) · Carpentarian Dunnart (S. butleri) · Julia Creek Dunnart (S. douglasi) · Stripe-faced Dunnart (S. macroura) · Red-cheeked Dunnart (S. virginiae) S. granulipes species-group: White-tailed Dunnart (S. granulipes) S. griseoventer species-group: Kangaroo Island Dunnart (S. aitkeni) · Boullanger Island Dunnart (S. boullangerensis) · Grey-bellied Dunnart (S. griseoventer) S. longicaudata species-group: Long-tailed Dunnart (S. longicaudata) S. murina species-group: Chestnut Dunnart (S. archeri) · Little Long-tailed Dunnart (S. dolichura) · Sooty Dunnart (S. fulginosus) · Gilbert's Dunnart (S. gilberti) · White-footed Dunnart (S. leucopus) · Slender-tailed Dunnart (S. murina) S. psammophila species-group: Hairy-footed Dunnart (S. hirtipes) · Ooldea Dunnart (S. ooldea) · Sandhill Dunnart (S. psammophila) · Lesser Hairy-footed Dunnart (S. youngsoni) Planigalini Planigale Paucident Planigale (P. gilesi) · Long-tailed Planigale (P. ingrami) · Common Planigale (P. maculata) · New Guinean Planigale (P. novaeguineae) · Narrow-nosed Planigale (P. tenuirostris)   Family Myrmecobiidae Myrmecobius Numbat (M. fasciatus)