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Association of Chinese Professionals (ACP) is a name for a number of not-for-profit organizations in United States of America, and potentially some local organizations in Australia, Europe and China. These organizations do not share any organizational relations or any hierarchical relations. Contents 1 History 2 Existing independent organizations 3 Notes 4 References 5 External links History An organization was first registered in the state of New Jersey in the early 1992 under the name "Association of Chinese Professionals" (ACP) with a Chinese name "中华专业人士协会". At that time, the first wave of the students from Mainland China was graduating from graduate schools and entering into the American work force. Many of them felt the need for having means to get reconnected to their peers after leaving schools. A Ph. D. graduate from GoergeTech Mr. Wenming Kuai made the first call by sending an email for this organization. Later a mailing list on listserver at was requested by Kuai to enable communications between the members. Another Ph. D. working as a research faculty in University of Pennsylvania Mr. Linxiong Shao took the task to register the organization in the state of New Jersey. In the meanwhile, a Board of Trustees of twelve members and a Bylaws were created in accordance with the laws. This organization grew rapidly, under competitions of other not-for-profit organizations of similar purpose, noticeably from the CAST (Chinese Association of Science and Technology) based in New York. A number of local activities were organized in ACP's headquarter the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. A number of attempts were made to solicit sponsorship for the new born without fruitation. However, delegation from ACP was invited to participate and had contributed in numerous discussions with official delegations from China on topics of major concerns such as the industrial sectors the Chinese economy should first concentrate to develop. In the early 1993, the First National Assembly of Association of Chinese Professionals was held in Newark, Delaware. There was a reason for the term "Chinese Professionals" (中华专业人士) to be chosen in the organization's name. At the time of its inception, a number of other not-for-profit organizations were being organized by these new Chinese immigrants, and in general all of the other organizations had been set up for a specialized field, such as practice of laws, chemical engineering, or general science and technology. In the case of ACP, its founding members included not only engineers and researchers, but also other professionals such as insurance agents. The name was then chosen to cover all walks of business, and it proved to be a wise choice. Existing independent organizations "美国宾州-费城华人科技协会 Association of Chinese Professionals" is the not-for-profit organization registered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America. "中华专业人士协会- Association of Chinese Professionals, Atlanta (ACP)" is the not-for-profit organization registered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. "ACP Foundation 美中专业人士协会(ACP)" is the not-for-profit organization registered in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. There are other organizations under the name "Chinese Professionals", including the followings: "奥兰多中国专业人士协会 Orlando Chinese Professional Association (OCPA)" is a Florida registered non-profit organization founded in June 1995 by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic Chinese professionals in Orlando. "美国华人专业人士协会 American Association of Chinese Professionals (AACP)" is a California non-profit organization founded in 2007 by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic Chinese professionals. "加拿大中国专业人士协会 Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC)" is a federally registered not-for-profit organization founded in 1992. Notes The original email that called for this organization from Kuai was available before sometime in 2008, but now it cannot be found. The initial discussion for this organization was communicated through the mailing list soc.culture.china on the Internet prior to the invention of HTTP protocol and the Mosaic browser. Another email that intended to clarify the purpose of the organization (which was initially called CPC, Chinese Professionals Club) sent on January 3, 1992 by Kuai can be found in Google cached pages.[1] So many organizations were registered by these Chinese immigrants at the time that once Professor Wen Yuankai (温元凯) with USTC (University of Science and Technology of China) had teased that “你们现在这里成立组织多得就跟当年文化大革命成立战斗队似的” in his speech to the Chinese students in University of Delaware. Most of these organizations were organized by the new graduates from engineering schools. A very small number of Chinese students in that era was studying liberal arts or business in USA. References ^ "email to clarify by Kuai on Jan. 3, 1992".  External links ACP in Atlanta Georgia ACP in Pennsylvania-Philadelphia ACP in Dallas Texas Orlando Chinese Professional Association American Association of Chinese Professionals (AACP) a California non-profit organization Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC)