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Simon Lui Yue Yeung (Chinese: 雷宇扬) (also known as Simon Lui, Simon Loui and Simon Yu) (born 8 July 1964) is a highly prolific Hong Kong based actor famous for starring in many low-budget and/or horror films since the early 1990s. He began drawing attention when he was featured in the "Troublesome Night" movie series. He starred in 27 films in 1999 alone, and began writing scripts the same year, starting with Last Ghost Standing. Filmography Feel It Say It... (2006) Loss Of Memory (2006) The Corpse Spirit Is Pressing (2005) A Knife-Shooter (2005) Escape from Hong Kong Island (2004) {Director} Herbal Tea (2004) Producer, Writer, Actor I.T. Story (2004) Actor Super Model (2004) Actor Troublesome Night 19 (2003) Troublesome Night 18 (2003) Happy Family (2002) Actor Troublesome Night 17 (2002) Troublesome Night 16 (2002) Troublesome Night 9 (2001) Troublesome Night 8 (2000) Troublesome Night 7 (2000) Last Ghost Standing (1999) - Yang Yang Troublesome Night 6 (1999) Troublesome Night 5 (1999) Troublesome Night 4 (1998) Troublesome Night 3 (1998) Troublesome Night 2 (1997) Troublesome Night (1997) Banana Club (1996) - Yue Yeung External links Simon Lui at the Internet Movie Database Love HKFilm entry Simon Lui Interview - April 2005 HK cinemagic entry Persondata Name Lui, Simon Alternative names Short description Date of birth 8 July 1964 Place of birth Date of death Place of death This Hong Kong biographical article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e