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The Intelligencer (locally nicknamed the "Intel") is the daily (except on Sundays and certain holidays) newspaper of Belleville, Ontario, Canada. The paper is regarded mainly as a local paper, stressing local issues over issues of more national or international scope. History The Belleville Intelligencer was founded in 1834 by George Benjamin, who, after just arriving in the city, is said to have stopped in at a hotel and asked to purchase the local newspaper. He was then informed of the young city's lack of a local newspaper, as several attempted newspaper publications turned out to have been short lived and had failed. This innocent question eventually lead to George Benjamin establishing the Intelligencer in 1834, although it was originally regarded as another attempt that was likely destined for failure in the long run. Newspapers that predated the Intelligencer in Belleville were many, and all folded quickly. The first recorded paper was The Anglo-Canadian in 1829 which folded within a year. Other attempts included The Phoenix in 1831, The Hastings Times and Farmers' Journal in 1833, and finally The Standard of Moira which lasted only six weeks in 1834. These previous failed newspaper publications dampened the original public opinion of the Intelligencer, although the outlooks eventually lightened. The Intelligencer originally consisted of only four small pages and was originally only a weekly publication. Later on it would be sold to a young Sir MacKenzie Bowell (a future Canadian Prime Minister), who had come to work for George Benjamin at the Intelligencer. It has also been stated that MacKenzie Bowell's political career started at the Intelligencer, with its then firm political views. After obtaining the Intelligencer MacKenzie Bowell would remain its owner until 1917 the year of his death at the age of 94. References Belleville Intelligencer Sterling E. 'George Benjamin' Wikipedia 'Belleville, Ontario' wiki/Belleville,_Ontario#Media