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For other uses, see Arani (disambiguation). Arani Jarani Nickname(s): The Windy City, The Bread City Arani Location in Bolivia Coordinates: 17°34′S 65°46′W / 17.567°S 65.767°W / -17.567; -65.767 Country Bolivia Department Cochabamba Department Province Arani Province Municipality Arani Municipality Canton Arani Canton Elevation 9,400 ft (2,865 m) Population (2001)  - Total 3,512 Arani (from Quechua: jarani or jallmani) is the capital of Arani Province and Arani Municipality located in Cochabamba Department in the center of Bolivia at an altitude of 9,400 ft (2,865 m) At the time of census 2001 it had 3,512 inhabitants.[1]. Arani is well known for its bread due to the traditional use of multiple types of flour for making the bread. Bread is sold in various tiendas along the main streets leading to the plaza principal, and along the major highway that leads Arani to the city of Cochabamba. There is a bread festival held each year to celebrate Arani's bread. In 2008, the average price of one serving of bread was 1 boliviano. Other specialty breads that included toppings of jalapeños and cheese were 1.50 bolivianos. During the months of November through early December, the rainy season sets in and heavy rainfall is expected. Due to Arani's geographical location set in the valleys, the winds of Arani sometimes cause the heavy rainfalls to be difficult to navigate through.[2]. References ^ Instituto Nacional de Estadística ^ [WikiUser Reybouta, a former inhabitant of Arani city from 11/06 - 11/07] External links Arani Municipality: Population data and map MSN Map Coordinates: 17°34′S 65°46′W / 17.567°S 65.767°W / -17.567; -65.767 This Cochabamba Department location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e v · d · e Cochabamba Department Capital: Cochabamba Provinces Arani • Arque • Ayopaya • Bolívar • Capinota • Carrasco • Cercado • Chapare • Esteban Arce •Germán Jordán • Mizque • Narciso Campero • Punata •Quillacollo • Tapacarí • Tiraque Municipalities (and seats) Aiquile (Aiquile) • Alalay (Alalay) • Anzaldo (Anzaldo) • Arani (Arani) • Arbieto (Arbieto) • Arque (Arque) • Ayopaya (Ayopaya) • Bolívar (Bolívar) • Capinota (Capinota) • Chimoré (Chimoré) • Cliza (Cliza) • Cocapata (Cocapata) • Cochabamba (Cochabamba) • Colcapirhua (Colcapirhua) • Colomi (Colomi) • Cuchumuela (Cuchumuela) • Entre Ríos Municipality (Entre Ríos) Mizque (Mizque) • Morochata (Morochata) • Omereque (Omereque) • Pasorapa (Pasorapa) • Pocona (Pocona) • Pojo (Pojo) • Puerto Villarroel (Puerto Villarroel) • Punata (Punata) • Quillacollo (Quillacollo) • Sacaba (Sacaba) • Sacabamba (Sacabamba) • San Benito (San Benito) • Santiváñez (Santiváñez) • Shinahota (Shinahota) • Sicaya (Sicaya) • Sipe Sipe (Sipe Sipe) • Tacachi (Tacachi) • Tacopaya (Tacopaya) • Tapacarí (Tapacarí) • Tarata (Tarata) • Tiquipaya (Tiquipaya) • Tiraque (Tiraque) • Toco (Toco) • Tolata (Tolata) • Totora (Totora) • Vacas (Vacas) • Vila Vila (Vila Vila) • Villa Rivero (Villa Rivero) • Villa Tunari (Villa Tunari) • Vinto (Vinto)