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This article is an orphan, as few or no other articles link to it. Please introduce links to this page from related articles; suggestions may be available. (February 2010) Lithornis Temporal range: Ypresian PreЄ Є O S D C P T J K Pg N Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Subclass: Carinatae Infraclass: Neornithes Superorder: Paleognathae Order: †Lithornithiformes Family: †Lithornithidae Genus: †Lithornis Species: L. hookeri Harrison, 1984[1] Binomial name Lithornis hookeri Harrison, 1984[1] Synonyms Pediorallus hookeri Harrison, 1984[1] Lithornis hookeri is a member of the family Lithornithidae. Contents 1 Description 2 Taxonomy 3 Footnotes 4 References Description Lithornis hookeri is the smallest of the Lithornithidae.[1] Taxonomy Harrison and Walker originally labeled the fossil as belonging to the species Pediorallus barbarae in 1977. In 1984, Harrison renamed the fossil as coming from the new species Pediorallus hookeri, and later that year it was changed to Lithornis hookeri.[1] Footnotes ^ a b c d e Houde, Peter (1988) References Houde, Peter (1988). "Paleognathous Birds from the Early Tertiary of the Northern Hemisphere" (pdf). Publications of the Nuttall Ornithological Club (Cambridge Massachusetts, USA: Nuttall Ornithological Club) 22: 32–34.