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Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国司法部 Agency overview Jurisdiction  People's Republic of China Headquarters Beijing Agency executive Wu Aiying, Minister of Justice Parent agency State Council Website Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China (Chinese: 司法部 Pinyin: Sī Fǎ Bù) is a ministry of the Chinese central government which is responsible for legal affairs. The range of responsibilities include judicial process, drafting legislation, developing legal framework, participating in national and international treaties, prosecution and sentencing.[1] The ministry also ensure in the maintenance and improvement of China's system of law and justice and its national security.[1] Contents 1 Administration 2 Organizational structure 3 List of Ministers 4 See also 5 References 6 External links Administration The executive head of the ministry is the Justice Minister. This position is equivalent to Attorney General in other countries. Organizational structure Components Legal Aid Center of the Ministry of Justice Crime Prevention Institute of the Ministry of Justice Judicial Research Institute of the Ministry of Justice Institute of Forensic Science of the Ministry of Justice Central College for Judicial Officers Institute of Judicial Administration Publishing House of Legal Daily Publishing House of Law All China Lawyers' Association China Public Notary Association China Prison Society All China People's Mediators' Association China Legal Aid Foundation International Legal Cooperation Center List of Ministers Shi Liang (史良), 1949 - 1959 Wei Wenbo (魏文伯), September 1979 - May 1982 Liu Fuzhi (刘复之), May 1982 - March 1983 Zou Yu (邹瑜), March 1983 - March 1988 Cai Cheng (蔡诚), March 1988 - March 1993 Xiao Yang (肖扬), March 1993 - March 1998 Gao Changli (高昌礼), March 1998 - November 2000 Zhang Fusen (张福森), December 2000 - July 2005 Wu Aiying (吴爱英), July 2005 - See also National Judicial Exam Law of the People's Republic of China Court system of the People's Republic of China Law enforcement in the People's Republic of China Ministries of China References ^ a b External links Ministry of Justice Official website v · d · eState Council of the People's Republic of China General Office State Council members (Cabinet) (Plenary meeting members) Executive meeting members Premier  · Vice Premiers  · State Councillors  · Secretary-General Ministers of Ministries and Commissions  · Auditor-General Ministries and Commissions under the State Council Foreign Affairs  · National Defense  · Development and Reform  · Education  · Science and Technology  · Ethnic Affairs  · Environmental Protection  · Public Security  · State Security  · Supervision  · Civil Affairs  · Justice  · Finance  · Human Resources and Social Security  · Land and Resources  · Housing and Urban-Rural Development  · Railways  · Transport  · Industry and Information Technology  · Water Resources  · Agriculture  · Commerce  · Culture  · Population and Family Planning  · Health  · People's Bank  · National Audit Office Special Organization directly under the State Council State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Organizations directly under the State Council General Administration of Customs  · State Administration of Taxation  · State Administration for Industry and Commerce  · General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine  · State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television  · General Administration of Press and Publication (National Copyright Administration)  · State General Administration of Sports  · National Bureau of Statistics  · State Forestry Administration  · State Administration of Work Safety  · State Intellectual Property Office  · National Tourism Administration  · State Administration for Religious Affairs  · Counselor's Office of the State Council  · Government Offices Administration of the State Council  · National Bureau of Corruption Prevention Administrative Offices under the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs  · Hong Kong and Macao Affairs  · Legislative Affairs  · Research Institutions directly under the State Council Xinhua News Agency  · Academy of Sciences  · Academy of Social Sciences  · Academy of Engineering  · Development Research Center  · National School of Administration  · Earthquake Administration  · Meteorological Administration  · Banking Regulatory Commission  · Securities Regulatory Commission  · Insurance Regulatory Commission · State Electricity Regulatory Commission  · National Council for Social Security Fund  · National Natural Science Foundation  · Taiwan Affairs Office (Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits)  · Information Office  · State Archives Administration State Administrations/Bureaus under the Ministries and Commissions State Bureau for Letters and Calls  · State Administration of Grain  · National Energy Administration  · State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence  · State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (China National Tobacco Corporation)  · State Bureau of Civil Servants  · State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs · State Oceanic Administration  · Civil Aviation Administration of China  · State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping · State Post Bureau  · State Administration of Cultural Heritage · State Food and Drug Administration  · State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine  · State Administration of Foreign Exchange  · State Administration of Coal Mine Safety  · National Administration for the Protection of State Secrets  · State Cryptography Administration · China National Space Administration  · China Atomic Energy Authority  · State Language Commission · National Nuclear Safety Administration Other agencies State Commission for Public Sector Reform (Commission Office)  · National Energy Commission  · Liaison Office in Hong Kong  · Liaison Office in Macau * State Council = Central People's Government (constitutionally since 1954)