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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2009) The title Lord Kinnaird was created in 1682 in the Peerage of Scotland. It became extinct upon the death of the 13th Lord in 1997. Lords Kinnaird (1682) George Kinnaird, 1st Lord Kinnaird (d. 1689) Patrick Kinnaird, 2nd Lord Kinnaird (1653–1701) Patrick Kinnaird, 3rd Lord Kinnaird (1683–1715) Patrick Kinnaird, 4th Lord Kinnaird (1707–1727) Charles Kinnaird, 5th Lord Kinnaird (1684–1758) Charles Kinnaird, 6th Lord Kinnaird (1719–1767) George Kinnaird, 7th Lord Kinnaird (1754–1805) Charles Kinnaird, 8th Lord Kinnaird (1780–1826) George William Fox Kinnaird, 9th Lord Kinnaird, 1st Baron Kinnaird (1807–1878), created Baron Kinnaird in 1860 Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird, 10th Lord Kinnaird, 2nd Baron Kinnaird (1814–1887) Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird, 11th Lord Kinnaird, 3rd Baron Kinnaird (1847–1923), a leading footballer and President of The Football Association Kenneth Fitzgerald Kinnaird, 12th Lord Kinnaird, 4th Baron Kinnaird (1880–1972) Graham Charles Kinnard, 13th Lord Kinnaird, 5th Baron Kinnaird (1912–1997)