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The Palazzo Buonaccorsi is a palace in Macerata, Marche, Italy. It was built in 1700-1720 for Count Raimondo Buonaccorsi and his son, Cardinal Simone Buonaccorsi, using designs by Giovanni Battista Contini. The palace is notable for its series of rococo paintings on themes from the Aeneid, painted by a number of prominent Italian artists. The palace's piano nobile is known for the Sala dell'Eneide (Hall of the Aeneid), decorated with frescoes by the Bolognese Carlo Antonio Rambaldi, Antonio Dardani (Apotheosis of Aeneas in vault), the Napoletan Francesco Solimena (Dido welcomes Aeneas) and canvases by Luigi Garzi (Venus in the Forge of Vulcan) and Giovanni Gioseffo dal Sole (Andromache weeping before Aeneas). Giuseppe Gambarini, Antonio Balestra, Gregorio Lazzarini (Death of Queen Dido and Battle of Aeneas and Mezentius), and Marcantonio Franceschini (Mercury awakens Aeneas) also submitted works. The team represented some of the major Italian artists of their day. External links Review of collection Exhibition at Urbino of canvases from Hall of Aenid opening schedule