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Michael of Bosnia (after 1243 - before 23 March 1266)[1], Duke of Bosnia from 1262 to 1266,[1] was a member of the Rurik dynasty.[2] He was the son of Duke Rostislav of Mačva and his wife, Anna, a daughter of King Béla IV of Hungary.[1] When Duke Rostislav died in 1262, his lands were divided between his sons: Michael inherited their father’s part of Bosnia, and Béla inherited the Banate of Mačva.[3] When Michael died, his lands were inherited by his brother.[1] References ^ a b c d Zsoldos, Attila (2007), Családi ügy - IV. Béla és István ifjabb király viszálya az 1260-as években (A Family Affair - The Conflict of Béla IV and Junior King Stephen in the 1260s), História - MTA Történettudományi Intézete, Budapest, ISBN 978-963-9627-15-4  ^ Charles Cawley (2008-05-19). "Russia, Rurikids - Grand Princes of Kiev, Princes of Chernigov, descendants of Sviatoslav II, Grand Prince of Kiev (fourth son of Iaroslav I)". Medieval Lands. Foundation of Medieval Genealogy.,%20Rurik.htm#RostislavMikhailovichdied1263B. Retrieved 2009-02-22.  ^ Fine, John V. A., Jr. (2006), The Late Medieval Balkans - A Critical Survey from the Late Twelfth Century to the Ottoman Conquest, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, ISBN 978-0-472-08260-5.  Kristó, Gyula; Engel, Pál; Makk, Ferenc, eds. (1994), "Michael of Bosnia", Korai magyar történeti lexikon (9-14. század), Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, ISBN 963-05-6722-9 . Preceded by Michael Rostislav Mikhailovich 1262-1266 Succeeded by Béla This article on the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e