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Stache for cash is a method for raising funds by growing a mustache and seeking out pledges for a specific charitable cause[1] [2]. Standard process Participants are notified in advance to secure participation and begin growing mustache Some form of marketing materials -- generally tshirts or Campaign buttons -- are made to distribute before the fundraiser begins. The fundraiser lasts for 1 month Participants wear the campaign button and the mustache, and whenever asked about the button and 'stache, a conversation is started about the cause and participant asks the observer for a small donation Competition A competition is generally held for multiple prizes.[3] A photo contest is held for the best beard, the biggest beard, and the best attempt at a beard. Award Certificates are then issued to the winners. A prize is also sometimes awarded for the participant that raises the most money for the cause. In the case of the Lespwa Worldwide [4] Stache for Cash, an airline ticket to Haiti will be awarded for a construction trip in May 2009 (ARV of $300). Jamie Dell of Jacksonville, FL held the top spot for the 2009 competition, by single-stache-dly raising over $700 during the month. References ^ Stache for Cash in the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution [1] ^ Realtors doing a Stache for Cash fundraiser [2] ^ Cash prize given for best mustache [3] ^ Lespwa Worldwide: a non-profit organization raising money and awareness for Haitian children [4]