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Stimmen der Zeit ("Voices of the times") is a monthly German magazine published since 1865 by Herder publishers. Its subtitle is Zeitschrift für christliche Kultur, and it publishes articles on Christian culture in the broad sense of the word. It is considered one of the most authoritative German journals in its field. Contents 1 History 2 Editors 3 References 4 Bibliography 5 External links // History The journal was founded as a Jesuit publication by Gerhard Schneemann and Florian Rieß in the Maria Laach Abbey, a Jesuit abbey in the Eifel, under the name Voices of Maria Laach. Its initial publications were concerned with the Syllabus of Errors. In 1871, after somewhat irregularly publishing single-issue themes, the publishers changed the magazine to a monthly format, whose goal was to reconcile Catholic faith with modern times. When during Bismarck's Kulturkampf the Maria Laach Abbey was closed, the magazine moved abroad, and after exile in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, the publishers returned to Germany in 1914. The magazine was renamed Stimmen der Zeit and published from Munich. During the Nazi era the magazine (illegally) published the encyclical Mit brennender Sorge.[1] It was shut down for four months and in April 1941 closed altogether;[2] one of its editors, Alfred Delp, was executed in 1945 in connection with the 20 July plot.[3] Editors Gerhard Schneemann Florian Rieß (1865-1877) Alfred Delp (1939-1945)[2] Wolfgang Siebel[4] Andreas Batlogg (current)[5][6] References ^ "Pope Pius XII and the Media". The Italian Voice. 7 August 2003.  ^ a b Haub, Rita (1 February 2005). "Lebensopfer für ein christliches Deutschland: Vor sechzig Jahren wurde der Jesuit Alfred Delp in Berlin-Plötzensee hingerichtet – Porträt eines Blutzeugen und Arbeiterpriesters". Die Tagespost. Retrieved 21 May 2010.  ^ Ederer, Martin F. (July 2004). "Propaganda Wars: Stimmen der Zeit and the Nazis, 1933-1935". Catholic Historical Review 90 (3): 456–72.  ^ Blumenthal, Ralph (7 August 1969). "Pope Reviewing Defregger Case; Calls for Records on Role of Bishop in War Killings". The New York Times.  ^ Marquand, Robert (2 May 2010). "Catholic sexual abuse scandal sharpens church rift over what a priest should be". Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved 21 May 2010.  ^ Kiefer, Gerhard (31 March 2009). "Eine Theologie vom Menschen her: Freiburger Akademie-Tagung zum 25. Todestag Karl Rahners". Badische Zeitung. Retrieved 21 May 2010.  Bibliography Walter Troxler: Schneemann, Gerhard SJ. In: Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (BBKL). Bd. 9, Herzberg 1995, ISBN 3-88309-058-1, Sp. 532–534. (German) Entry for Joseph Florian Rieß in the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie "Die Schriftleitung: Zum Geleit." In: StZ 139 (1946/47) 1–3 Anton Koch: "Die Stimmen der Zeit im Dritten Reich." In: StZ 196 (1978) 855–857 Karl H. Neufeld: "Die Stimmen der Zeit nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg. Zu einer neuen Dissertation." In: StZ 197 (1979) 278–281 Ellen Dietrich: "Zur katholischen Publizistik im Nationalsozialismus: Die Stimmen der Zeit." München 1984. Klaus Schatz: "Stimmen der Zeit" im Kirchenkonflikt. Eine innerjesuitische Auseinandersetzung vor 80 Jahren." In: StZ 224 (2006) 147–161. o. V. "Stimmen aus Maria Laach--Stimmen der Zeit." In: StZ 175 (1965) 401-415. External links Magazine website