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Bahman Mirza (11 October 1810 – 11 February 1884) was a Persian Prince of Qajar Dynasty, son of Abbas Mirza and grand son of Fat'h Ali Shah. He was Viceroy of Azerbaijan and Governor-General of Tabriz. He was the ancestor of Persidsky, Bahmanov and Kadjar families of Azerbaijan. Contents 1 Life 2 Offspring 3 Notes 4 References 5 External links // Life Bahman Mirza was the fourth son of Prince Abbas Mirza and Vali Ahad of Fat'h Ali Shah by his first wife and cousin, Assiyeh Khanoum, daughter of Amir Mohammad Khan Qajar-Davallu. He was born in Golestan Palace in Tehran on 11 October 1810. He was educated privately in Tabriz. He was appointed governor of Ardabil 1831 to 1834, governor of Teheran and commander of the royal forces, 1834 and governor of Borujerd, Silakhor and Hamadan from 1834 to 1841. After the death of his brother Ghahreman Mirza in 1839 He succeed him as governor of Azerbaijan. He exiled to Tiflis in 1848. He moved to Shusha in 1853 and died there on 11 February 1884. He was one of the well-educated princes of the Qajar Dynasty and a patron of literature and art. He was also interested in geography, European history and modern natural history. he gave scholars, poets and artists a special place of honour. Therefore, authors and translators dedicated many works to him. [1] The first Persian translation of One Thousand and One Nights from Arabic was translated by Abdol-Latif Tasooji by the order of Bahman Mirza. Offspring He had 16 wives, 31 sons and 30 daughters. His sons are ancestors of the Azerbaijani Qajar families: Persidsky, Bahmanov and Kadjar. Sons: Prince Anoushiravan Mirza Zia'a ed-Dowleh (1829-1899) Prince Jalal al-Din Mirza Prince Reza Qoli Mirza (1837-1894) Prince Shahrokh Mirza (1844-1915) Prince Khan Baba Khan Mirza (1849-1926) Prince Abdol-Samad Mirza Prince Mohammad Ali Mirza Prince Amir Kazem Mirza (1954-1905) Prince Ali Gholi Mirza (1855-1918) Prince Heydar Gholi Mirza (1862-1937) Prince Amanollah Mirza (1864-1926) Prince Seyfollah Mirza (1870-1923) Prince Keyghobad Mirza (1872-1923) Prince Mohammad Gholi Mirza (1872-1920) Prince Seyf ol-Molouk Mirza Prince Khosro Mirza Prince Khan Jahan Mirza Prince Gholam Shah Mirza Prince Shah Gholi Mirza Prince Ghalfan Agha Mirza Prince Nasrollah Mirza Prince Ilkhani Mirza Prince Allahverdi Mirza Prince Ardashir Mirza Prince Kurosh Mirza Prince Tarlan Mirza Prince Meshedi Mirza Prince Amir Khan Mirza Prince Imamverdi Mirza Prince Edris Agha Mirza Prince Ebrahim Mirza Notes ^ The Zarrinkafsch (Bahman-Qajar) Family, The Bahman (Qajar) Ancestors-2010-04-09 References Amanat, Abbas (2004). Pivot of the universe. Tehran: Karnameh. ISBN 964-431-049-7.  External links Genealogy of descendants of Bahman Mirza Persondata Name Qajar, Bahman Mirza Alternative names Short description Date of birth 11 October 1810 Place of birth Date of death 1883 Place of death