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Spirou et Fantasio[a] Spirou et Fantasio Cover of the Belgian edition Publisher Dupuis Date 1948 Series Spirou et Fantasio Creative team Writer(s) Franquin Artist(s) Franquin Original publication Published in Le Journal de Spirou Almanach Spirou 1947 Issue(s) 422 - #521 Date(s) of publication 1946 - 1948 Language French Chronology Preceded by Spirou et l'aventure, 1948 Followed by Quatre aventures de Spirou et Fantasio, 1950 Spirou et Fantasio, written and drawn by Franquin (except for a few plates by Jijé), is an album that precedes the main Spirou et Fantasio album series. It contains Franquin's first four stories completed between 1946 and 1948, three of which were serialised in Le Journal de Spirou. Contents 1 Stories 2 Background 3 Sources 4 External links // Stories Fantasio et son tank. Fantasio buys a demobilized tank from an American soldier, and accidentally destroys the neighborhood with it. Spirou and the neighborhood boys help with repairs. La maison préfabriquée. Fantasio becomes a salesman of seaside prefabricated houses. L'heritage de Spirou. Spirou inherits from a deceased uncle, a strange house with secrets. Le Savant fou. (Also called Radar le robot) Spirou joins Fantasio on a journalistic trip, and they see a car with no driver causing panic in town. Following this invention, they meet an insane scientist, who has built a robot with the goal to destroy the world. Background The first story, Le Tank, is the very first 12 board "test" story Franquin drew to convince Jijé of his abilities, which was later printed in Spirou almanache 1947 of 1946. The following story, La maison préfabriquée, is the episode Jijé famously had begun in Spirou issue #422, but handed over to Franquin, to continue five boards into the work from issue #427.[1] Although this album is not regarded as part of the official series and was never republished, its four stories are all printed and available in the hors-série albums, HS1 L'héritage and HS2 Radar le robot. Sources Franquin publications in Spirou BDoubliées (French) Les Mémoires de Spirou Thierry Martens, Jean-Paul Tibéri, Dupuis, 1989. 160 pp. Footnotes ^ Note: Not listed in Spirou et Fantasio numerical series. ^ "Une vie - 1946". (French) External links Spirou official site album index (French) Franquin site album index (French)