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Justice Thandathu Mabandla (Ah! Jongilizwe) Born 1926 Tyume, Alice Occupation Chief of the Bhele Tribe, Alice Chief Minister of the Republic of Ciskei (1968-1973) Ciskei Spouse Nolusapho Phumla Ndamase (1935-2001) Children Prince Langa Mabandla Parents Mbovane Mabandla (deceased) Chief Justice Thandathu Jongilizwe Mabandla is currently the chief of the AmaBhele Tribe in Alice (Tyume). He was born in 1926 and is the eldest son of the late Chief Mbovane Mabandla. In 1968, he became the first Chief Minister (president) of the Republic of Ciskei. In 1972 Lennox Leslie Wongama Sebe, a member of Mabandla's cabinet, broke with Mabandla and formed his own party, the Ciskei National Independence Party (CNIP). The CNIP became successful in 1973 and Sebe then became the new Chief minister of the Ciskei. In 1978, Mabandla and othet members of his party crossed floors to the CNIP and Ciskei officially became a one-party state. References Ciskei Legislative Assembly (1968-1980). Debates of the session of the Ciskei Legislative Assembly. Vail, L. (1989). The Creation of Tribalism in Southern Africa. London Berkley: Currey. External links Rharhabe Kings & Chiefs [1] Persondata Name Mabandla, Justice Thandathu Jongilizwe Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Tyume, Alice Date of death Place of death