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Section Zero Cover to Section Zero #1 Art by Tom Grummett and Karl Kesel Publication information Publisher Image Comics Schedule Monthly Format Ongoing (Cancelled After Three Issues) Publication date June 2000 - September 2000 Number of issues 3 Main character(s) Sam Wildman Dr. Titania Challenger Tesla Thom Talesi Sargasso Creative team Writer(s) Karl Kesel Penciller(s) Tom Grummett Inker(s) Karl Kesel Creator(s) Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett Section Zero is an American comic book series, published in 2000 by Gorilla Comics, a minor comic book company that also acted as an imprint of Image Comics. It was written by Karl Kesel with artwork provided by Tom Grummett. The series featured a fictional covert organization working for the United Nations. Their mission being the investigation and containment of unexplained phenomena from around the world. At its start Section Zero was intended to be an ongoing series, but due to financial problems experienced by Gorilla Comics, only three issues were published. Gorilla Comics was intended to be a creator owned company financed by a comics related website,[1]. The website proved to be a financial failure, leaving the creators to personally finance their own books. Along with the other Gorilla Comics creators, Kesel and Grummett attempted to continue the series they started, but these efforts proved to be unsuccessful.[2] Contents 1 Publication history 2 Characters 3 Plot synopsis 3.1 Issue #1 3.2 Issue #2 3.3 Issue #3 3.4 Issue #4 4 Footnotes 5 External links Publication history The three issues of Section Zero that were published were dated June 2000, July 2000 and September 2000. A fourth issue was solicited, but was never published. [3] Characters Sam Wildman the team's field leader. Dr. Titania Challenger the last living member of a family of scientific adventurers. She is also Sam Wildman's ex-wife. Tesla a childlike alien who pilots the team's flying saucer. Tesla has no memory of his life before he began working for Section Zero. Thom Talesi an American teenager of Asian decent. Tom has a magical tattoo that allows him to transform into an insect like being for a twenty-four hour period. A. J. Keeler the group's leader. Keeler secretly also leads the Ghost Soldiers, a second covert group that may or may not be working against the best interests of Section Zero. Sargasso a reptilian being who worked for Section Zero in the 1960s and 1970s only to be found in the present. Plot synopsis Issue #1 After rescuing Thom Talesi from a murderous mob in the Southeast Asian country Siatok, Sam Wildman, Titania Challenger and Tesla recruit him onto Section Zero. Shortly after returning to the abandoned Air Force base that serves as Section Zero's HQ, the team is sent to investigate a series of livestock killings in Australia. After they leave, A. J. Keeler contacts the Ghost Soldiers and orders them to follow. Issue #2 The team discovers and rescues Sargasso from a cave inside Ayers Rock. Not long after this they find themselves in a fight with a saber-toothed tiger that ends when it drags Titania Challenger though a portal shaped like a ring of fire. Issue #3 Attempting to seek the Ring of Fire, the team journeys to its last known stable location, the abandoned subway tunnels beneath New York City. There they face the forces of the Rat King. After defeating their foes, the team is confronted by the Ghost Soldiers. Issue #4 Although it was never released, issue #4 had a brief plot teaser at the bottom of issue #3's letters page: “ Doc Challenger fights alone in a forgotten land of monsters, myths and legend -- uncovering an important clue to the unexplained phenomena that haunts our world. But will she live to use it? Also: is she friend or foe? Introducing the fiery femme fatale known as -- Lava! ” Footnotes ^ Yarbrough, Beau: The Comic Wire: State of the (Ape) Nation: How Healthy is Gorilla?, (Dec. 28, 2000) ^ Dean, Michael: The Comics Journal #234 (June 8, 2001): "The Case of the Disappearing Gorilla: The Banana Trust Explains How Not to Start a Comics Line" ^ Grand Comics Database Project External links review