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This article is an orphan, as few or no other articles link to it. Please introduce links to this page from related articles; suggestions may be available. (November 2006) Stolen Dimensions Films is an independent filmmmaking label based in Centennial, CO. Stolen Dimensions is a joint venture between Matt Brown and Eric Madrid, students of Cherry Creek High School. Two two have been producing videos since 2002 and have over 50 short film productions to their credit. Contents 1 Two Dimension Films 2 High School (2003-present) 3 Selected filmography 4 External links Two Dimension Films Many of Matt and Eric's early films were produced while in middle school. Channel One..."but not really" was the school's student-produced television program that aired early Friday mornings. Matt and Eric first worked together during this time, and worked on several films together under the direction of teacher/producer Julie Armstrong. These films were under Matt's Two Dimension Films banner. Notable films produced during this time included "Evil Pumpkin" (and its two sequels) and "Hollywood Squares", based on the gameshow of the same name. By the end of middle school, Matt was promoted to producer of Channel One..."but not really", thanks in large part to the videos he produced with Eric. High School (2003-present) Enrolled in the newly-formed video production program at Cherry Creek High School, Matt and Eric continued to produce videos together under the direction of their teacher/producer David Gamelin. They were given many new opportunities to improve on their skills and become better filmmakers. After a failed attempt to produce a full-length film, the two continued on the short film path and produced "Under Your Pillow" and "Nightmare". Matt took a break from filmmaking during their sophomore year, while Eric moved on to the advanced program. The two friends teamed up in February 2005 for "Will You Be My Valentine" with their friends Liz Hernandez and Nick Bryant. The movie was produced for a 24-hour film contest, where Matt, Nick, and Eric wrote, shot, and edited the film in less than 24 hours. The film was runner-up in the contest, and remains one of their most popular films. During junior year, Matt and Eric continued in the advanced program at the school, joining up with friend Tyler Adams of Hoodie Day Productions. They then produced such films as "Alone", "The First Customer", "Lame Games 2006", and "Agent X". "The First Customer" was shown at the CCHS 2006 Film Festival, and is regarded by Matt and Eric as one of their favorite films they've produced. Selected filmography Evil Pumpkin (2002) Evil Pumpkin 2: The Revenge (2003) Evil Pumpkin 3: Resurrection (2003) Hollywood Squares (2003) Perfect (2003) New York City (2003) Under Your Pillow (2004) Nightmare (2004) Will You Be My Valentine? (2005) Helena (2005) Who Wants To Live Forever (2005) Lame Games 2006 (2006) Phil Spencer (2006) The First Customer (2006) Agent X (2006) Summer Song (2006) Several of these films can be screened on YouTube or Stolen Dimensions's MySpace. External links Stolen Dimensions Films Myspace Cherry Creek High School This article about a film studio is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e