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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (May 2011) Marj Brasch Shortland Street character Portrayed by Elizabeth McRae Introduced by Caterina De Nave (1992) Simon Bennett (1998) Harriet Crampton (2002) Duration 1992 - 1996, 1998, 2002 First appearance 25 May 1992 episode 1 Last appearance 2002 Classification Past Core Character Profile Occupation Politician Family Husband Tom Neilson (pre 1992-1993) deceased Laurie Brasch (1994-present) Sons Patrick Neilson Darryl Neilson deceased Damian Neilson Stuart Neilson Daughters Jane Fitzgerald Lulu Chatfield (Foster) Stepdaughters Ruth Brasch Grandsons Robert Neilson Granddaughters Melissa Neilson Marjorie 'Marj' Brasch (formerly Neilson) was a fictional character on the TVNZ soap opera Shortland Street. She was portrayed by Elizabeth McRae and was part of the original cast. Contents 1 History 1.1 1992-1994 1.2 1995-1996 1.3 1998 1.4 2002 History 1992-1994 In the first episode Marj is introduced as the judgemental deeply catholic receptionist of Shortland Street Hospital. Her husband Tom Neilson is a paramedic and she is shocked when he arrives at the hospital with a young pregnant woman who her 16 year old son Stuart Neilson claims he impregnated. In reality the real father is Marjs evil son Darryl Neilson, the black sheep of the family. Marj is devastated when Darryl attempts to rape Marjs co worker Kirsty and she abandons him. Marj also has to deal with Toms poor health and she becomes the sole income earner for a period. Marj is contacted by a woman named Jane Fitzgerald who turns out to be Marjs long lost daughter who she adopted at birth. Marj gets on well with her but Tom does not react well when he learns of her, putting intense strain on the marriage. In 1993, Tom, sick of the arguing in the marriage, tells Marj he is going to the dairy to get some milk but he does not return. A manhunt is set out to look for him and Marj fears the worse. However when she and Stuart go to get some money, they are shocked to learn Marj and Toms savings have been cleared. It turns out Tom has run away with all their money. After a few months with no sign of Tom, Marj sells the house and moves in with best friend Jenny and Nick. Marj also meets and begins to date policeman Laurie Brasch. Marj also nearly unwittingly transported illegal drugs over the Tasman. A woman contacts Marj saying she is looking after Tom but needs money. Marj at first thinks about handing over the money but Laurie convinces her not to. Tom turns up on the doorstep anyway announcing he is very sick and needs a kidney transplant. Marj gets back together with Tom and Laurie leaves to New York. After Darryl gives Tom a kidney, Tom dies of a heart attack. Marj is devastated. Darryl shows detest that Marj wishes to continue dating Laurie and this causes a feud between the two. Marj hosts a new years party which no one attends, but she is pleasantly surprised when Laurie shows up and they embrace as the year ends. In 1994, Marj becomes pleased that Stuart is dating young nurse Jo Jordan and invites them on several dates wit her and Laurie much to Stuarts embarrassment. People at the hospital start to notice Marj acting very strangely and she soon collapses and falls into a coma Dr. Leonard Rossi-Dodds realizes that Lauries chemicals from the farm have affected Marj. She soon recovers however. Later on Marj and Laurie get married. 1995-1996 After Stuart brings home Lulu Chatfield after a vacation in 1995, Marj and Laurie decide to become her foster parents. Marj was also shocked when Stuart ran away from town permanently. But throughout the whole year, the thing that shocked Marj the most was the disappearance and subsequent finding of Darryl's body. Laurie and Lulu help her through it and Stuart refuses to return leaving Marj with a completely new family. In 1996 Marj, bored of her job at Shortland Street applies for a job in Parliament. To her surprise she gets it. She and Laurie move to Wellington and Marjs final scenes are her being welcomed to The Beehive by future prime ministers Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley. 1998 Jenny, unhappy at the health system is pleased to see Marj visiting Ferndale. Marj offers Jenny a position as her Personal Assistant to which Jenny accepts and moves down to Wellington. 2002 Marj and Jenny return to Ferndale for Nick and Waverley's wedding. Marj is shocked when Jenny announces that she is resigning as she has a better job. After a small feud, the two old friends get over it and return to their normal selves. Marj decides that former boss Michael McKenna's daughter Rachel would be perfect for the job. Rachel at first seems keen but later declines the offer. Marj leaves a short while after the ceremony. v · d · eShortland Street Characters Chris Warner · Rachel McKenna · Jonathan McKenna  · Harry Warner · Vinnie Kruse · Sarah Potts · Daniel Potts · TK Samuels · Callum McKay · Hunter McKay · James "Scotty" Scott · Tracey Morrison · Brooke Freeman · Maxwell Avia · Nicole Miller · Wendy Cooper · Ula Levi · Phoenix Raynor · Evan Cooper · Jasmine Cooper · Bella Cooper · Murray Cooper · Roimata Ngatai · Jill Kingsbury Current Shortland Street Characters · Original Character List Storylines 1992 · 1993 · 1994 · 1995 · 1996 · 1997 · 1998 · 1999 · 2000 · 2001 · 2002 · 2003 · 2004 · 2005 · 2006 · 2007 · 2008 · 2009 · 2010 · 2011 · Births · Deaths · Marriages · Cliffhangers Other Ferndale · First Episode · Locations · Celebrations