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This is a list of rivers of Saskatchewan. Contents 1 Principal river statistics 2 Rivers 3 Creeks 4 See also // Principal river statistics Saskatchewan's principal rivers and their tributaries Flowing into Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait River Drainage area (km²) Length (km) North Saskatchewan 12,800 1,287 South Saskatchewan (to head of Bow) 1144,300 1,392 Churchill (to head of Churchill Lake) 281,300 1,609 Beaver (to outlet of Beaver Lake) 4,700 336 Source Statistics Canada Note for additions: please remember to add the city where the river meets for each river. Rivers Arctic Ocean watershed Fond du Lac River Cree River Pipestone River Rapid River Clearwater River Hudson Bay watershed Assiniboine River Assiniboine River Qu'Appelle River Souris River Churchill River Churchill River Otter Rapids Beaver River Saskatchewan River The Saskatchewan River drainage basin. Carrot River North Saskatchewan River Battle River Little Red River (Saskatchewan) Shell River (Saskatchewan) Spruce River (Saskatchewan) Sturgeon River (Saskatchewan) South Saskatchewan River South Saskatchewan River Red Deer River Arm River Birch River McDougal River Montreal River Moose Jaw River Scarth River Torch River Wood River Gulf of Mexico watershed Poplar River Frenchman River Creeks Avonlea Creek Big Muddy Creek (Missouri River) Battle Creek (Milk River) Cut Knife Creek Eaglehill Creek Fish Creek, Saskatchewan Gainsborough Creek McEachern Creek Pipestone Creek Poplar Creek (Weyburn) Thunder Creek Wascana Creek (Regina) See also List of lakes in Saskatchewan Geography of Saskatchewan Rivers of Canada Rivers of the Americas v • d • e   List of rivers of Canada (by province or territory) British Columbia · Alberta · Saskatchewan · Manitoba · Ontario · Quebec · New Brunswick · Prince Edward Island · Nova Scotia · Newfoundland and Labrador Yukon · Northwest Territories · Nunavut Book  · Category  · Portal  · WikiProject