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Alongside Night   Author J. Neil Schulman Language English Subject(s) Agorism Genre(s) Speculative Fiction Publisher Crown Publishers Publication date October 16, 1979 ISBN 1-58445-120-3 OCLC Number 43026939 Alongside Night[1] is a Prometheus Award winning libertarian and anarchist dystopian novel by science fiction writer J. Neil Schulman. It was first published in 1979 by Crown Publishers, with subsequent paperback editions released by Ace Books in 1982, Avon Books in 1987, in 1999, and Amazon Kindle in 2009. The book focuses on the character of Elliot, the son of a fictional economist and Nobel Laureate, and his experiences in a police state United States in the near future. The book was dedicated to Samuel Edward Konkin III and is based on his political philosophy of agorism. It is currently in development for a feature film by Jesulu Productions, which produced Schulman's first feature, Lady Magdalene's. Contents 1 Setting 2 Plot 3 References 4 See also 5 External links // Setting The story is set in United States on the brink of economic collapse, where inflation is spiraling out of control and the government struggles to keep hold of its power. Trading in foreign currency has become illegal and many shops are subject to rationing. As a result there is a sprawling black market for almost all conceivable goods. The setting reflects the world as Samuel Edward Konkin III conceived it would be just prior to a successful agorist revolution. Plot The story begins with Eliot Vreeland, son of Nobel Laureate economist Dr Martin Vreeland (An economist of the Austrian school) hearing of his father's apparent death and being rushed home from school. He quickly discovers however that the death is fake, a plot concocted by his father (after receiving a tip-off) to escape arrest by the FBI who are rounding up "radicals" accused by the government of worsening the economic crisis. Eliot is sent by his father to collect some gold coins that had been stored in a safe location, for use as hard currency during the families intended escape. However, upon his return Eliot finds his family to be missing. Not long after, FBI agents enter the house searching for Eliot who manages to escape. Eliot's escape leads him into contact with the Revolutionary Agorist Cadre, an organisation plotting the downfall of the US government through the means of counter-economics. The cadre has grown strong over the years of its existence, and has its own militia and extensive underground network. Eliot enlists the help of the Cadre, and meets Lorimer, a girl similarly on the run from the law. As the novel progresses, government stability weakens still further, and they bring in tight controls on communication, travel and trade, however they fail to avert total collapse, leading to the private sector (unions, individuals, syndicates and many others) taking control of the old infrastructure. References ^ ISBN 1-58445-120-3 See also Agorism Austrian School Counter-economics black market Libertarianism Anarchism Inflation External links Alongside Night Official Novel Website Alongside Night Free 30th Anniversary PDF Download Alongside Night Official Movie Website Alongside Night Alongside Night on Facebook This article about a 1970s science fiction novel is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e