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Below is the list of all allocated IP address in - network range, sorted by latency.

Constituency Seats Type Country County Member Party Saint Albans !St Albans[1] 2 Borough England Hertfordshire Vincent, Francis !Sir Francis Vincent, Bt Liberal Saint Albans !St Albans [1] 2 Borough England Hertfordshire Ward, Henry !Henry George Ward Liberal Saint Andrews !St Andrews Burghs[2] 1 District Scotland Fife Johnston, Andrew !Andrew Johnston Liberal Saint Ives !St Ives[3] 1 Borough England Cornwall Halse, James !James Halse Tory Salford[4] 1 Borough England Lancashire Brotherton, Joseph !Joseph Brotherton Liberal Salisbury[5] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Brodie, William Bird !William Bird Brodie Liberal Salisbury [5] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Wyndham, Wadham !Wadham Wyndham Tory Sandwich[6] 2 Borough England Kent Marryatt, Joseph !Joseph Marryatt Liberal Sandwich [6] 2 Borough England Kent Troubridge, Edward !Sir Edward Troubridge, Bt Liberal Scarborough[7] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, East Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, John !Sir John Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, Bt Liberal Scarborough [7] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, East Cayley, George !Sir George Cayley, Bt Liberal Selkirkshire[3] 1 County Scotland Selkirkshire Pringle, Robert !Robert Pringle Liberal Shaftesbury[8] 1 Borough England Dorset Poulter, John Sayer !John Sayer Poulter Liberal Sheffield[9] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Parker, John !John Parker Liberal Sheffield [9] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Buckingham, James Silk !James Silk Buckingham Liberal Shrewsbury[7] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Hanmer, John !Sir John Hanmer, Bt Tory Shrewsbury [7] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Slaney, Robert Aglionby !Robert Aglionby Slaney Liberal Shropshire Northern[7] 2 County England Shropshire Hill, Rowland !Sir Rowland Hill, Bt Tory Shropshire Northern [7] 2 County England Shropshire Cotes, John !John Cotes Liberal Shropshire Southern[7] 2 County England Shropshire Darlington, Earl !The Earl of Darlington Tory Shropshire Southern [7] 2 County England Shropshire Clive, Robert !Hon. Robert Clive Tory Sligo[10] 1 Borough Ireland Sligo Martin, John !John Martin Liberal Sligo, County !County Sligo[10] 2 County Ireland Sligo Cooper, Edward Joshua !Edward Joshua Cooper Tory Sligo, County !County Sligo [10] 2 County Ireland Sligo Perceval, Alexander !Alexander Perceval Tory Somerset Eastern[11] 2 County England Somerset Gore-Langton, William !William Gore-Langton Liberal Somerset Eastern [11] 2 County England Somerset Brigstocke, William !William Papwell Brigstocke Liberal Somerset Western[11] 2 County England Somerset Sandford, Edward !Edward Ayshford Sanford Liberal Somerset Western [11] 2 County England Somerset Kemeys-Tynte, Charles !Charles Kemeys-Tynte Liberal Southampton[6] 2 Borough England Hampshire Atherley, Arthur !Arthur Atherley Liberal Southampton [6] 2 Borough England Hampshire Barlow-Hoy, James !James Barlow-Hoy Tory South Shields[12] 1 Borough England Durham Ingham, Robert !Robert Ingham Liberal Southwark[13] 2 Borough England Surrey Humphery, John !John Humphery Liberal Southwark [13] 2 Borough England Surrey Brougham, William !William Brougham Liberal Stafford[14] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Chetwynd, William Fawkener !William Fawkener Chetwynd Liberal Stafford [14] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Gronow, Rees Howell !Rees Howell Gronow Liberal Staffordshire Northern[14] 2 County England Staffordshire Mosley, Oswald !Sir Oswald Mosley, Bt Liberal Staffordshire Northern [14] 2 County England Staffordshire Buller, Edward !Edward Buller Liberal Staffordshire Southern[14] 2 County England Staffordshire Littleton, Edward !Edward John Littleton Liberal Staffordshire Southern [14] 2 County England Staffordshire Wrottesley, John !Sir John Wrottesley, Bt Liberal Stamford[1] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire Chaplin, Thomas !Thomas Chaplin Tory Stamford [1] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire Finch, George !George Finch Tory Stirling Burghs[3] 1 District Scotland Stirlingshire Primrose, Archibald !Archibald Primrose, Lord Dalmeny Liberal Stirlingshire[12] 1 County Scotland Stirlingshire Fleeming, Charles Elphinstone !Charles Elphinstone Fleeming Liberal Stockport[4] 2 Borough England Cheshire Marsland, Thomas !Thomas Marsland Tory Stockport [4] 2 Borough England Cheshire Lloyd, John Horatio !John Horatio Lloyd Liberal Stoke-upon-Trent[14] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Wedgwood, Josiah !Josiah Wedgwood III Liberal Stoke-upon-Trent [14] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Davenport, John !John Davenport Tory Stroud[14] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire Hyett, William Henry !William Henry Hyett Liberal Stroud [14] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire Ricardo, David !David Ricardo Liberal Sudbury[1] 2 Borough England Suffolk Taylor, Michael Angelo !Michael Angelo Taylor Liberal Sudbury [1] 2 Borough England Suffolk Walsh, John !Sir John Benn Walsh, Bt Tory Suffolk Eastern[1] 2 County England Suffolk Henniker, Lord !The Lord Henniker Tory Suffolk Eastern [1] 2 County England Suffolk Shawe, Robert N !Robert Newton Shawe Liberal Suffolk Western[1] 2 County England Suffolk Tyrrell, Charles !Charles Tyrrell Liberal Suffolk Western [1] 2 County England Suffolk Parker, Hyde !Sir Hyde Parker, Bt Liberal Sunderland[12] 2 Borough England Durham Chaytor, William !Sir William Chaytor, Bt Liberal Sunderland [12] 2 Borough England Durham Barrington, George !George Barrington Tory Surrey Eastern[13] 2 County England Surrey Briscoe, John Ivatt !John Ivatt Briscoe Liberal Surrey Eastern [13] 2 County England Surrey Beauclerk, Aubrey !Aubrey Beauclerk Liberal Surrey Western[13] 2 County England Surrey Denison, William !William Denison Liberal Surrey Western [13] 2 County England Surrey Leach, John !John Leach Liberal Sussex Eastern[12] 2 County England Sussex Cavendish, Charles !Hon. Charles Cavendish Liberal Sussex Eastern [12] 2 County England Sussex Curteis, Herbert B !Herbert Barrett Curteis Liberal Sussex Western[12] 2 County England Sussex Lennox, John !Lord John Lennox Liberal Sussex Western [12] 2 County England Sussex Surrey, Earl !The Earl of Surrey Liberal Sutherland[15] 1 County Scotland Sutherland Macleod, Roderick !Roderick Macleod Liberal Swansea District[2] 1 District Wales Glamorganshire Vivian, John Henry !John Henry Vivian Liberal Tamworth[14] 2 Borough England Staffordshire/Warwickshire Peel, Robert !Sir Robert Peel Tory Tamworth [14] 2 Borough England Staffordshire/Warwickshire Townshend, Charles !Lord Charles Townshend Liberal Taunton[11] 2 Borough England Somerset Labouchere, Henry !Henry Labouchere Liberal Taunton [11] 2 Borough England Somerset Bainbridge, Edward T !Edward Thomas Bainbridge Liberal Tavistock[8] 2 Borough England Devon Fox, Charles R !Charles Richard Fox Liberal Tavistock [8] 2 Borough England Devon Russell, Lord !Lord Russell Liberal Tewkesbury[14] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire Hanbury-Tracy, Charles !Charles Hanbury-Tracy Liberal Tewkesbury [14] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire Martin, John !John Martin Liberal Thetford[11] 2 Borough England Norfolk Baring, Francis !Francis Baring Tory Thetford [11] 2 Borough England Norfolk FitzRoy, James !Lord James FitzRoy Liberal Thirsk[9] 1 Borough England Yorkshire, North Frankland, Robert !Sir Robert Frankland, Bt Liberal Tipperary[16] 2 County Ireland Tipperary O callaghan, Cornelius !Hon. Cornelius O'Callaghan Liberal Tipperary [16] 2 County Ireland Tipperary Sheil, Richard Lalor !Richard Lalor Sheil Irish Repeal Tiverton[17] 2 Borough England Devon Heathcoat, John !John Heathcoat Liberal Tiverton [17] 2 Borough England Devon Kennedy, James !James Kennedy [18] Liberal Totnes[17] 2 Borough England Devon Parrott, Jasper !Jasper Parrott Liberal Totnes [17] 2 Borough England Devon Cornish, James !James Cornish Liberal Tower Hamlets[3] 2 Borough England Middlesex Lushington, Stephen !Stephen Lushington Liberal Tower Hamlets [3] 2 Borough England Middlesex Clay, William !William Clay Liberal Tralee[19] 1 Borough Ireland Kerry O connell, Maurice !Maurice O'Connell Irish Repeal Truro[3] 2 Borough England Cornwall Vivian, Hussey !Sir Hussey Vivian, Bt Liberal Truro [3] 2 Borough England Cornwall Tooke, William !William Tooke Liberal Tynemouth and North Shields[1] 1 Borough England Northumberland Young, George F !George Frederick Young Liberal Tyrone[16] 2 County Ireland Tyrone Lowry-Corry, Henry !Henry Thomas Lowry-Corry Tory Tyrone [16] 2 County Ireland Tyrone Stewart, Hugh !Sir Hugh Stewart, Bt Tory References ^ a b c d e f g h i j k London Gazette: no. 19009, p. 2, 1 January 1833. ^ a b London Gazette: no. 19008, p. 2837, 28 December 1832. ^ a b c d e f g London Gazette: no. 19008, p. 2836, 28 December 1832. ^ a b c London Gazette: no. 19012, p. 77, 11 January 1833. ^ a b London Gazette: no. 19009, p. 1, 1 January 1833. ^ a b c d London Gazette: no. 19005, p. 2751, 18 December 1832. ^ a b c d e f g h London Gazette: no. 19010, p. 27, 4 January 1833. ^ a b c London Gazette: no. 19016, p. 171, 25 January 1833. ^ a b c London Gazette: no. 19010, p. 28, 4 January 1833. ^ a b c London Gazette: no. 19017, p. 199, 29 January 1833. ^ a b c d e f g h London Gazette: no. 19009, p. 4, 1 January 1833. ^ a b c d e f g h London Gazette: no. 19009, p. 3, 1 January 1833. ^ a b c d e f London Gazette: no. 19007, p. 2812, 25 December 1832. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n London Gazette: no. 19012, p. 76, 11 January 1833. ^ London Gazette: no. 19008, p. 2838, 28 December 1832. ^ a b c d London Gazette: no. 19010, p. 26, 4 January 1833. ^ a b c d London Gazette: no. 19016, p. 170, 25 January 1833. ^ Tiverton: The election of Kennedy was declared void "due to lack of qualification". A by-election was held on 4 May 1833, when he was re-elected. (Craig, pages 308–309) ^ London Gazette: no. 19017, p. 198, 29 January 1833.