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For the Canadian musician and producer, see Bob Rock. For the English golfer, see Robert Rock. Rob Rock Born Orlando, Florida, US Genres Heavy metal Instruments Vocals Years active 1983–present Associated acts Impellitteri, Axel Rudi Pell, Avantasia, Warrior, Angelica, Joshua, Driver Website Robert Rock is a heavy metal singer and songwriter. He is best known for being the lead singer of the band Impellitteri from 1992 to 2000, and now in 2008. He has also released four albums as a solo artist. Contents 1 Biography 2 Personal life 3 Band members 3.1 Current members 3.2 Former members 4 Solo discography 5 Notes 6 External links Biography Rob Rock started his music career in 1983 when he and Chris Impellitteri joined a cover band called VICE.[1][2] They released a demo and were together until 1985. In 1986, he joined musicians Tony MacAlpine (guitar), Tommy Aldridge (drums), and Rudy Sarzo (bass) in a project called M.A.R.S. The group released a single album called Project Driver which received much critical praise, but the next year each member went a different way.[3][4][5] Rock reunited with friend Chris Impellitteri and recorded the band's first album, an EP, simply called Impellitteri. However, he was also committed to another project called Joshua, so he could not continue with the band at the moment.[6] Rock recorded one album with Joshua, which was characterized by the editor of HM Magazine as being "probably the best melodic metal album in the universe."[7] He also worked on other projects (Dennis Cameron's Angelica, Driver) which gave him knowledge of international musicians that would serve him well later. In the early 1990s, he received a call from Chris Impellitteri to join his band again. He agreed and became the band's lead singer until 2000. Together, Impellitteri released five successful albums. In 2000, Rock decided to pursue his own solo career and parted ways with Impellitteri amicably. That same year, he released his first solo album called Rage of Creation. The album received critical praise and Rock has gone on, releasing three more albums (Eyes of Eternity, Holy Hell, Garden of Chaos). In May 2008 it was announced that Rock reunited once more with Impellitteri. Their new album, Wicked Maiden, was released in April 2009.[8] Rock has also lent his voice to the Randy Rhoads tribute released in 2000 and to countless other projects through his career like Avantasia and Axel Rudi Pell.[9] Personal life Rock has one son, Alexander John, with his wife, Liza. Alexander was born January 5, 2006.[10] Band members Current members Rob Rock - vocals (2000–present) Carl Johan Grimmark - guitars (2004–present) Daniel Hall - guitars (2004–present) Andreas Olsson - bass (2004–present) Andreas Johanssen - drums (2004–present) Roy Z - guitars , bass, keyboard (fulltime member from 2000 till 2003, is now only a studio member) Former members Jake E. Lee - a couple of guitar solos on the album "Rage of Creation" Rick Renstrom - guitars (2001–2004) Bob Rossi - guitars (2003–2004) Hank Coffey - guitars (2001–2002) Ray "Geezer" Burke - bass (2000–2003, session member) Stephen Elder - bass (2003–2004) Reynold Carlsson - drums (2000–2003) Tracy Shell - drums (2003–2004) Giuseppe "Maestro Mistheria" Iampieri - keyboard (session member) Solo discography Rage of Creation (2000) Eyes of Eternity (2003) Holy Hell (2005) Garden of Chaos (2007) The Voice of Melodic Metal - Live in Atlanta (2009) Notes ^ "Rob Rock at". Retrieved 2010-01-13.  ^ "Impellitteri Trivia and F.A.Q.". 2008-12-12. Retrieved 2010-01-13. [dead link] ^ Jason Ritchie (2002). "10 Questions with... Rob Rock". Retrieved 2010-01-13.  ^ "Rob Rock Bio". Retrieved 2010-01-13.  ^ "Rob Rock at". Retrieved 2010-01-13.  ^ "Impellitteri Trivia and F.A.Q.". 2008-12-12. Retrieved 2010-01-13. [dead link] ^ Van Pelt, Doug (May / June 2001). "Having Something To Say...". HM Magazine (89): 26. ISSN 1066-6923.  ^ "Impellitteri Trivia and F.A.Q.". 2008-12-12. Retrieved 2010-01-13. [dead link] ^ [|Cameron Edney] (2005-11-01). "Rob Rock Interview". Retrieved 2010-01-13.  ^ "Rob Rock at". Retrieved 2010-01-13.  External links Rob Rock Official Website Rob Rock at MySpace Rob Rock @ ShoutLife Note: If a notice appears that the file or script could not be found. Go directly to Rick Renstrom @ ShoutLife Note: If a notice appears that the file or script could not be found. 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