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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Fort Stevens of the American Civil War on July 11–12, 1864. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately. Contents 1 Abbreviations used 1.1 Military rank 1.2 Other 2 Defenses of the Potomac River & Washington 2.1 VI Corps 2.2 XIX Corps (Detachment) 2.3 XXII Corps 3 Front Line Commanders 4 References Abbreviations used Military rank MG = Major General BG = Brigadier General Col = Colonel Ltc = Lieutenant Colonel Maj = Major Cpt = Captain Other w = wounded k = killed Defenses of the Potomac River & Washington MG Alexander McDowell McCook Division Brigade Regiments and Other Emergency Division[1]    BG Montgomery C. Meigs First Brigade BG Daniel H. Rucker Quartermaster's employees Detachment from Provisional Brigade Second Brigade BG Halbert E. Paine Quartermaster's employees 2nd District of Columbia 12th Veteran Reserves Provisional Brigade Col Richard Butler Price Col Addison Farnsworth 7th New Jersey Quartermaster's employees Convalescents VI Corps MG Horatio Wright Division Brigade Regiments and Others First Division    BG Frank Wheaton 1st Brigade Cpt Baldwin Hufty 4th New Jersey 10th New Jersey 15th New Jersey 2nd Brigade BG Emory Upton 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery 65th New York 121st New York 3rd Brigade Col Thomas S. Allen 37th Massachusetts 40th Pennsylvania 82nd Pennsylvania 119th Pennsylvania 2nd Rhode Island (Battalion) 5th Wisconsin (Battalion) Second Division    BG Lewis A. Grant 1st Brigade Col George P. Foster 62nd New York 93rd Pennsylvania 98th Pennsylvania 102nd Pennsylvania 139th Pennsylvania 2nd Brigade Ltc Charles Hundson 2nd Vermont 3rd Vermont 4th Vermont 6th Vermont 11th Vermont Heavy Artillery 3rd Brigade Col Daniel Bidwell 7th Maine 43rd New York 49th New York (battalion) 77th New York 122nd New York 61st Pennsylvania (battalion) Artillery Artillery Brigade Col Charles H. Tompkins 5th Maine Light Artillery 1st Massachusetts Light Artillery, Battery A 1st New York Light Artillery, Battery 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery C 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery G 5th U.S. Artillery, Battery M XIX Corps (Detachment) MG Quincy A. Gillmore Division Brigade Regiments and Others First Division    BG William Dwight 1st Brigade Col George L. Beal 29th Maine 30th Massachusetts 114th New York 116th New York 153rd New York 2nd Brigade BG James W. McMillan 12th Connecticut 160th New York 47th Pennsylvania 8th Vermont 3rd Brigade Col Leonard B. Currie Division Artillery New York Light Artillery, 5th Battery Second Division    BG Cuvier Grover 1st Brigade BG Henry W. Birge 9th Connecticut 12th Maine 14th Maine 26th Massachusetts 14th New Hampshire 75th New York 2nd Brigade Col Edward L. Molineux 13th Connecticut 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry (dismounted) 11th Indiana 22nd Iowa 131st New York 159th New York 3rd Brigade Col Jacob Sharpe 38th Massachusetts 128th New York 156th New York 175th New York 176th New York 4th Brigade Col David Shunk 8th Indiana 18th Indiana 24th Iowa 28th Iowa XXII Corps MG Christopher C. Augur Division Brigade Regiments and Others Defenses North of the Potomac    BG Martin D. Hardin 1st Brigade Col James M. Warner 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery 151st Ohio 2nd Brigade Col Joseph A. Haskin 2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery 8th Illinois Cavalry, Detachment 150th Ohio Cavalry Col Charles Russell Lowell 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry Defenses South of the Potomac    BG Gustavus A. DeRussy   (not engaged) 1st Brigade Col Joseph Whistler 2nd Brigade Col Thomas Wilhelm District of Washington    Col Moses N. Wisewill 1st Veteran Reserve Brigade Col George W. Gile (attached to Hardin's Division) 1st Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps 9th Veteran Reserve Corps 22nd Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps 6th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps 19th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps 20th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps 2nd Brigade incomplete and un-brigaded regiments Cavalry Division    Col William Gamble   (not engaged) composition unknown Front Line Commanders In addition to their own commands these officers supervised a section of Washington's fortifications during the battle. Commander Line Alexander M. McCook Defenses of the Potomac River & Washington (overall command) Quincy A. Gillmore Fort Lincoln to Fort Totten (Northeast line) Montgomery C. Meigs Fort Totten to Fort DeRussy (Northern line including Fort Stevens) Martin D. Hardin Fort DeRussy to Fort Sumner (Northwest line) Horatio G. Wright Front line pickets and skirmishers References ^ Meigs' Official Report