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Yanama —  District  — Country  Peru Region Ancash Province Yungay Founded August 2, 1920 Capital Yanama Government  - Mayor Lucio Pedro Julca Cordova Area  - Total 279.85 km2 (108.1 sq mi) Elevation 3,375 m (11,073 ft) Population (2005 census)  - Total 7,105  - Density 25.4/km2 (65.8/sq mi) Time zone PET (UTC-5) UBIGEO 022008 Yanama District is one of eight districts of the province Yungay in Peru.[1] References ^ (Spanish) Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática. Banco de Información Distrital. Retrieved April 11, 2008. v · d · e Districts of Ancash Region | Peru Aija Aija · Coris · Huacllan · La Merced · Succha Antonio Raymondi Aczo · Chaccho · Chingas · Llamellín · Mirgas · San Juan de Rontoy Asunción Acochaca · Chacas Bolognesi Abelardo Pardo Lezameta · Antonio Raymondi · Aquia · Cajacay · Canis · Chiquián · Colquioc · Huallanca · Huasta · Huayllacayán · La Primavera · Mangas · Pacllón · San Miguel de Corpanqui · Ticllos · Tauripo Carhuaz Acopampa · Amashca · Anta · Ataquero · Carhuaz · Marcará · Pariahuanca · San Miguel de Aco · Shilla · Tinco · Yungar Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald San Luis · San Nicolás · Yauya Casma Buena Vista Alta · Casma · Comandante Noel · Yautan Corongo Aco · Bambas · Corongo · Cusca · La Pampa · Yanac · Yupan Huaraz Cochabamba · Colcabamba · Huanchay · Huaraz · Independencia · Jangas · La Libertad · Olleros · Pampas · Pariacoto · Pira · Tarica Huari Anra · Cajay · Chavín de Huantar · Huacachi · Huacchis · Huachis · Huantar · Huari · Masin · Paucas · Ponto · Rahuapampa · Rapayan · San Marcos · San Pedro de Chana · Uco Huarmey Cochapeti · Culebras · Huarmey · Huayan · Malvas Huaylas Caraz · Huallanca · Huata · Huaylas · Mato · Pamparomas · Pueblo Libre · Santa Cruz · Santo Toribio · Yuracmarca Mariscal Luzuriaga Casca · Eleazar Guzman Barron · Fidel Olivas Escudero · Llama · Llumpa · Lucma · Musga · Piscobamba Ocros Acas · Cajamarquilla · Carhuapampa · Cochas · Congas · Llipa · Ocros · San Cristóbal de Rajan · San Pedro · Santiago de Chilcas Pallasca Bolognesi · Cabana · Conchucos · Huacaschuque · Huandoval · Lacabamba · Llapo · Pallasca · Pampas · Santa Rosa · Tauca Pomabamba Huayllán · Parobamba · Pomabamba · Quinuabamba Recuay Catac · Cotaparaco · Huayllapampa · Llacllin · Marca · Pampas Chico · Pararin · Recuay · Tapacocha · Ticapampa Santa Caceres del Peru · Chimbote · Coishco · Macate · Moro · Nepeña · Nuevo Chimbote · Samanco · Santa Sihuas Acobamba · Alfonso Ugarte · Cashapampa · Chingalpo · Huayllabamba · Quiches · Ragash · San Juan · Sicsibamba · Sihuas Yungay Cascapara · Mancos · Matacoto · Quillo · Ranrahirca · Shupluy · Yanama · Yungay Yanama is situated close to the Huascaran National Park and is four and a half hours from the city of Huaraz. It can be reached by public transport or by taxi. The road to Yanama gives views of the Cordillera Blanca including Huascaran, Peru's highest mountain, and later passes through the Huascaran National Park with its beautiful glacial lakes and stunning mountain scenery. The way of life in Yanama remains unchanged so you will hear the indigenous language of Quechua spoken and will see many of the village community in traditional Andean dress. Getting to Huaraz There is one flight daily from Lima to Huaraz with LC Busre which takes around one hour ( Tickets can be booked on line. There are also daily bus services from Lima to Huaraz which takes around seven hours. We recommend that guests use either Cruz del Sur ( or Movil Tours (, both of which have comfortable buses with reclining seats, food and toilet facilities on board. Both bus companies have offices throughout Peru so those guests travelling in the country prior to staying with us should be able to book their tickets in advance from most other cities and towns. Getting to Yanama and Andes Lodge Peru There are four ways to reach Yanama: 1.Take a direct bus from Huaraz to Yanama (four and a half hours). 2.Take a combi (minivan) from Huaraz to Yungay (one hour) and from Yungay take another combi to Yanama (three and a half hours). 3.Take a combi from Huaraz to Yungay(one hour) and from there take a taxi to Yanama (three hours). 4.Take a taxi from Huaraz to Yanama (three and a half hours). Andes Lodge Peru is happy to arrange the charter of private taxis from either Huaraz or Yungay. Unfortunately it's not possible to buy combi tickets in advance but we are happy to provide information on fare prices and where to board combis both in Huaraz and Yungay. When you arrive in Yanama you will find Andes Lodge Peru located two blocks from the main square in Jiron Gran Chavin. There are signs indicating the location of the lodge as you leave the Main Square. This Ancash Region geography article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e Andes Lodge Peru is located in the unspoilt village of Yanama (Ancash, Perú), just twenty minutes outside the Huascaran National Park. It offers guests a rare opportunity to experience life in a traditional Andean community and to explore the beautiful countryside in which the lodge is set. Whether you want a relaxing break or are looking for something more active – walking, biking, horse-riding or climbing – Yanama can provide it. The starting point for the well-known Santa Cruz trek is twenty minutes from the lodge whilst the beautiful glacial lakes of Llanganuco, Lake 69 and Lake Ulta are only an hour away. Surrounding the lodge are some of the highest peaks in Peru ranging in altitude from 5495m to over 6000m, including Chacraraju, Contrayerva, Ulta, Huascaran, Chopicallqui and Puca Raju. It is an ideal base for those guests wanting to acclimatise prior to climbing some of the high peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. The lodge itself offers a comfortable base from which to explore the attractions of Yanama. Set on the edge of the village it offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains from its roof-top terrace. It has a quiet garden and comfortable lounge in which guests can relax, read a book or watch a DVD. Those guests interested in finding out more about the Andean culture can visit artisans at work or help the local community in activities such as sowing and harvesting crops. All guests are welcome to participate in the activities organised by the lodge such as the cooking of "Pachamanca" - the traditional Andean dish enjoyed by the mountain communities since Inca times.