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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (June 2011) This is an episode list for the American television series named The Adventures of Chuck and Friends which airs on The Hub's block HubBub. Contents 1 Series Overview 2 Episodes 2.1 Season 1 (2010 - 2011) 2.2 Season 2 2.3 Specials 3 External links Series Overview Seasons Episodes (together) Episodes (separate) U.S. First air date U.S. Last air date 1 26 52 October 15, 2010 TBA 2 TBA Specials TBA TBA April 22, 2011 Episodes Season 1 (2010 - 2011) # Title U.S. Original airdate 1 "Special Delivery" "Buffing Up" October 15, 2010 Special Delivery: Chuck plans to work at the truck stop, but he needs his friends' help. Buffing Up: Chuck exercises to prevent breaking down.  2 "Tough Break" "Little Big Chuck" October 22, 2010 Tough Break: Chuck tries to repair his mother's equipment after accidentally breaking it. Little Big Chuck: Chuck tries to make himself bigger.  3 "Race to the Race" "When Trucks Fly" October 29, 2010 Race to the Race: Rowdy's friends help him out of the mud just before a big race. When Trucks Fly: The trucks attempt to fly.  4 "Fort Chuck" "A Hop, Slip and a Jump" November 5, 2010 Fort Chuck: Chuck and his friends build a fort. A Hop, Slip and a Jump: Chuck makes a circus.  5 "The Checkup" "The Shortcut" November 12, 2010 The Checkup: Chuck's friends help him avoid an appointment with the mechanic The Shortcut: Anticipation about his new half-pipe causes Chuck to rush through his chores, which suffer for it.  6 "Digging Deep" "Lights, Camera, Trucks!" November 26, 2010 Digging Deep: Chuck and his friends get stuck in a hole while searching for treasure. Lights, Camera, Trucks!: Chuck decides to work alone on a movie instead of with his friends.  7 "Truck and Roll" "Mystery, He Rode" December 3, 2010 Truck and Roll: Chuck decides to start a band with his friends. Mystery, He Rode: Chuck investigates the case of Rowdy's missing horn.  8 "Up All Night" "Boomer the Snowplow" December 24, 2010 Up All Night: Chuck tries to greet the New Year with his friends. Boomer the Snowplow: Boomer shares his dream of being a snowplow when he's big.  9 "Choosy Chuck" "The Best" January 7, 2011 Choosy Chuck: Chuck must choose a friend to accompany him to a show. The Best: Chuck and his friends compete for a giant trophy.  10 "The Pothole" "Chuck's Perfect Plans" January 28, 2011 The Pothole: Chuck makes the wrong choice when he finds a pothole on the track. Chuck's Perfect Plans: Later, Chuck plans a party to honor his brother's return.  11 "Chuck in Charge" "Trucks vs. Wild" February 11, 2011 Chuck in Charge: Chuck watches over his visiting younger cousin. Trucks vs. Wild: Chuck plans a dry run before going on a camping trip with his friends.  12 "Unidentified Rolling Object" "On a Role" February 18, 2011 Unidentified Rolling Object: Chuck checks for aliens after a meteor shower. On a Role: Chuck tries to avoid trouble at a truck stop after meeting a TV villain.  13 "Sleep-Driving Chuck" "Daredevil Chuck" February 25, 2011 Sleep-Driving Chuck: Digger watches out for Chuck, who has started sleep-driving after breaking a gasket. Daredevil Chuck: Chuck does stunts with his friends in the parts yard.  14 "Chuck and the Lost Hubcap of Gold" "Shine On" March 11, 2011 Chuck and the Lost Hubcap of Gold: A treasure map leads Chuck and his friends to the Lost Hubcap of Gold Shine On: Chuck gets a new hood ornament and works hard to keep it clean.  15 "Where There's a Wheel" "Flower Power" March 18, 2011 Where There's a Wheel: Chuck gets in over his head when he borrows Rally's new racing wheels. Flower Power: Haulie gets a surprise when Chuck plants flowers around the shop.  16 "Chuck-Atomic" "Chuck's Break" March 25, 2011 Chuck-Atomic: Chuck's heroic side helps those in need of aid at the truck stop. Chuck's Break: Chuck demonstrates his abilities to Rally's coach.  17 "Game On" "Kid Stuff" April 8, 2011 Game On: The boys play with each other after their video game breaks. Chuck's Break: Rally is approached by Chuck and his friends, who express an interest in racing over playing with toys.  18 "Contest Countdown" "Revving Up Rally" April 15, 2011 Contest Countdown: The boys compete against each other in a radio contest. Revving Up Rally: Chuck helps Rally regain his confidence after he falls into a racing slump.  19 "Being Biggs" "As the Engine Coughs" April 29, 2011 Being Biggs: An underappreciated Biggs imitates Chuck. As the Engine Coughs: Chuck pretends to not be sick so he can play with his buddies.  20 "Anchors A-Wheel" "Mind Your Own Business" May 6, 2011 Anchors A-Wheel: Chuck and friends make a boat. Mind Your Own Business: Chuck starts a business with his friends, but they can't decide on what to sell.  21 "Brother Borrowing" "When Haulie Met Porter" May 13, 2011 Brother Borrowing: Chuck gets jealous of the attention Rally pays to Biggs. When Haulie Met Porter: Chuck tries to resolve his parents' argument.  22 "The Art of Being Chuck" "Senses of Direction" May 20, 2011 The Art of Being Chuck: Chuck and friends try to develop their own hidden talents, after they are inspired by art. Senses of Direction: A blind motorcycle teaches Chuck how to use his senses.  23 "Beach Blanket Uh-Oh" "Hide and Seek" May 27, 2011 Beach Blanket Uh-Oh: Chuck and friends create their own beach. Hide and Seek: A celebrity truck gets help in avoiding paparazzi.  24 "Attack of the 50-Foot Chuck" "Soku-Kun" June 3, 2011 Attack of the 50-Foot Chuck: Chuck loses control of a vehicle of his own creation. Soku-Kun: A visitor from Japan, Soku teaches Chuck his culture and language.  25 "Join the Club" "Fender Bender" June 17, 2011 Join the Club: Chuck forms a club with his friends. Fender Bender: When Boomer injures Chuck by accident he offers to do Chuck's chores.  Season 2 An additional 26 episodes are under production, extending the series' episode total 52 (together), and 104 (separate). The show's second season has been cut in half mid-production due to concerns that show-related toys are not selling as well as anticipated. Season 2 will have only 13 episodes, not 26. Specials # Title U.S. Original airdate SP1 "Chuck's Big Air Dare" April 22, 2011 The special, which introduces a new character called Flip the Race Truck, who teaches kids about the need to work together in order to succeed.  External links The Adventures of Chuck & Friends at the Big Cartoon DataBase