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Harl Vincent (October 19, 1893–May 5, 1968) was the publication name of Harold Vincent Schoepflin, an American mechanical engineer and science fiction author. He was published regularly in science fiction "pulp"-quality magazines. Contents 1 Life and work 2 Works by Harl Vincent 2.1 Series 2.1.1 Professor Nilsson 2.1.2 Professor Timkin 2.1.3 Subterrania 2.1.4 Callisto 2.1.5 Carr Parker 2.1.6 Purple and Gray 2.1.7 Ridge Coler 2.1.8 Prowler 2.2 Non series 2.3 Novels 3 References 4 External links Life and work Vincent was born in Buffalo, New York during 1893. He married Ruth Hoff, and they had two children, a son and a daughter. Vincent worked as a mechanical engineer for Westinghouse, specializing in the installation and testing of large electrical apparatus. Later he was employed as a sales engineer. Vincent’s writing career began after he began reading Hugo Gernsback’s early science fiction magazine Amazing Stories. Vincent’s first published story, “The Golden Girl of Munan”, was published in the June 1928 issue of the magazine Amazing Stories. During the next fourteen years, Vincent published more than seventy science fiction stories. Although most of his work appeared in the early science fiction magazines, he published twice in the general fiction pulp magazine Argosy. Although he ceased publishing during the early 1940s, Vincent remained involved with science fiction. After relocating to Los Angeles, Vincent joined the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society and the Count Dracula Society, as well as attending local science fiction conventions. Vincent resumed writing late in life, publishing the novel The Doomsday Planet during 1966 and the story “Invader” in the September 1967 issue of If. Vincent died in Los Angeles on May 5, 1968 of emphysema and pneumonia complications. Works by Harl Vincent Series Professor Nilsson “The Golden Girl of Munan”, Amazing Stories, June 1928. Reprinted in Rainbow Fantasia, eds. Forrest J. Ackerman and Anne Hardin; Sense of Wonder Press, 2001. "The War of the Planets", Amazing Stories, January 1929. Professor Timkin "Venus Liberated", Amazing Stories Quarterly, Summer 1929. "Faster Than Light", Amazing Stories Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1932. Subterrania "The Menace from Below", Science Wonder Stories, July 1929. "The Return to Subterrania", Science Wonder Stories, April 1930. Callisto "The Explorers of Callisto", Amazing Stories, February 1930. "Callisto at War", Amazing Stories, March 1930. Carr Parker "Vagabonds of Space", Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November 1930. "Creatures of Vibration", Astounding Stories, January 1932. Purple and Gray "Gray Denim", Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930. "Power", Amazing Stories, January 1932. "Master Control", Astonishing Stories, April 1940. Ridge Coler "Water-Bound World", Amazing Stories Quarterly, Spring/Summer 1932. "When the Comet Returned", Amazing Stories, April 1933. "Lost City of Mars", Astounding Stories, February 1934. Prowler "Prowler of the Wastelands", Astounding Stories, April 1935. Reprinted in Strange Signposts, eds. Roger Elwood and Sam Moskowitz; Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1966. "Return of the Prowler", Astounding Science-Fiction, November 1938. Non series "The Ambassador from Mars", Amazing Stories, September 1928. "The Seventh Generation", Amazing Stories Quarterly, Winter 1929. "Barton's Island", Amazing Stories, August 1929. "The Yellow Air-Peril", Air Wonder Stories, September 1929. "Through the Air Tunnel", Air Wonder Stories, October 1929. "Microcosmic Buccaneers", Amazing Stories, November 1929. "The Colloidal Menace", Amazing Stories, December 1929. "Old Crompton's Secret", Astounding Stories of Super-Science, February 1930. "Before the Asteroids", Science Wonder Stories, March 1930. "The Terror of Air-Level Six", Astounding Stories of Super-Science, July 1930. 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"Wanderer of Infinity", Astounding Stories, March 1933. Reprinted in The Pulps: Fifty Years of American Pop Culture, ed. Tony Goodstone; Chelsea House, 1976. "Cavern of Thunders", Amazing Stories, July 1933. "Whisper of Death", Amazing Stories, November 1933. "Telegraph Plateau", Astounding Stories, November 1933. "Master of Dreams", Amazing Stories, January 1934. "Cat's Eye", Amazing Stories, April 1934. “Rex” Astounding Stories, June 1934. Reprinted in The Coming of the Robots, ed. Sam Moskowitz; Collier Books, 1963, and Machines that Think, eds. Isaac Asimov, Patricia S. Warrick, and Martin H. Greenberg; Holt, Rinehart and Winston, January 1984. "Synthetic", Marvel Tales, July/August 1934. "The Barrier", Amazing Stories, September 1934. "Cosmic Rhythm", Astounding Stories, October 1934. "Energy", Astounding Stories, January 1935. "Valley of the Rukh", Amazing Stories, February 1935. "The Plane Compass", Astounding Stories, June 1935. "Parasite", Amazing Stories, July 1935. "The Challenge from Beyond" (with Stanley G. Weinbaum, Donald Wandrei, E. E. Smith, and Murray Leinster), Fantasy Magazine, September 1935. "Prince Deru Returns", Amazing Stories, December 1938. "Newscast", Marvel Science Stories, April/May 1939. "The Devil Flower", Fantastic Adventures, May 1939. "The Morons", Astounding Science-Fiction, June 1939. "Mystery of the Collapsing Skyscrapers", Amazing Stories, August 1939. "Lightning Strikes Once", Marvel Science Stories, August 1939. "Power Plant", Astounding Science-Fiction, November 1939. "Neutral Vessel", Astounding Science-Fiction, January 1940. "High-Frequency War", Astounding Science-Fiction, February 1940. "Undersea Prisoner", Amazing Stories, February 1940. "Gravity Island", Super Science Stories, March 1940. "Deputy Correspondent", Astounding Science-Fiction, June 1940. "Life Inside a Wall", Science Fiction Quarterly, Summer 1940. Reprinted in The Moon Conquerers; Swan, 1943. "Trouble Shooter", Super Science Stories, July 1940. "Other World", Astonishing Stories, October 1940. "Grave of the Achilles", Captain Future, Winter 1941. "Lunar Station", Comet Stories, January 1941. "Crime by Chart", Exciting Detective, March 1941. "Voice from the Void", Amazing Stories, June 1942. "Invader", If, September 1967. "The Lethal Planetoid", Spaceway, January 1969. "Space Storm", Famous Science Fiction, Spring 1969. Novels The Doomsday Planet, Tower Publishing, 1966. References Ackerman, Forrest J., “In Memoriam: Harl Vincent”, in Nebula Award Stories Four, Poul Anderson, ed.; Doubleday, 1969. Bleiler, Everett F. and Richard Bleiler, Science Fiction: The Gernsback Years; Kent State University Press, 1998. External links Harl Vincent at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database Astounding Stories of Super Science, February 1930 at Project Gutenberg — Includes the Harl Vincent story “Old Crompton’s Secret” Astounding Stories of Super Science, July 1930 at Project Gutenberg — Includes the Harl Vincent story “The Terror of Air-Level Six” Astounding Stories of Super Science, August 1930 at Project Gutenberg — Includes the Harl Vincent story “Silver Dome” Astounding Stories of Super Science, November 1930 at Project Gutenberg — Includes the Harl Vincent story “Vagabonds of Space” Astounding Stories, March 1931 at Project Gutenberg — Includes the Harl Vincent story “Terrors Unseen” ”Creatures of Vibration” at Project Gutenberg ”The Copper-Clad World” at Project Gutenberg ”Vulcan's Workshop” at Project Gutenberg ”Wanderer of Infinity” at Project Gutenberg Persondata Name Vincent, Harl Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1893 Place of birth Date of death 1968 Place of death