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Ganim (Hebrew: גַּנִּים‎‎) was a village and an Israeli settlement in the northern West Bank under the administrative local government of the Shomron Regional Council.[1] The settlement was founded in 1983 by members of Betar.[2] Its name was derived from the biblical name of Jenin, the nearby city, which was originally called Ein Ganim. Ein Ganim belonged to the area under the control of the Tribe of Issachar. For this reason, Ein-Ganim was also the name given to an Israeli community which today forms part of the Israeli city of Petah Tikva. The 107 residents of Ganim were evicted from their homes and their houses razed as part of Israel's disengagement of 2005.[3] See also Homesh Kadim Sa-Nur References ^ About the Council- General Background. Shomron Regional Council. ^ Jewish Jenin. Voices Magazine. ^ Q&A: The Gaza Withdrawal. CTV Television Network. Coordinates: 32°27′0.3″N 35°20′16.25″E / 32.450083°N 35.3378472°E / 32.450083; 35.3378472