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We Want Fun Studio album by Andrew W.K. Released Unreleased Recorded 2000 Genre Party Rock Label Bulb Records Producer Andrew W.K., Matt Sweeney, Peter Larson Andrew W.K. chronology Party Til You Puke (2000) We Want Fun (unreleased, recorded 2000) I Get Wet (2001) Intentions of a January 2001 release We Want Fun is the name of an unreleased album by American rock musician Andrew W.K., recorded in 2000 and intended for release in 2001. It is primarily an unreleased full length LP that was scheduled to be released January 2001 on Bulb Records. It was also the "Band press kit" (demo) that eventually landed in the hands of Island Records and led to Andrew W.K.'s record deal. All but the exception of one track (Party Music) eventually appeared re-recorded or altered on the albums "I Get Wet", "The Wolf" and most recently the track "Kill Yourself" appeared on "Mother of Mankind". Due to the ambiguity of an unreleased album this recording can be viewed in three different contexts; as a canceled Bulb Records release, as a Press Kit, and as a "demo" handed out to band members and selective fans. To this day it has never been officially released. Contents 1 As A Bulb Records Release 2 As A Press Kit 3 As A "Demo" 4 The Recordings 5 Similar Titles 6 Tracks 7 References 8 External links As A Bulb Records Release This context is more of a concept than a physical good since it never actually materialized. Though it was never officially released it was officially announced by Bulb to be released January of 2001.[1] All evidence points towards the fact that it was to be released under Andrew Wilkes-Krier's alias "Steev Mike" and not his then and now current "Andrew W.K." stage name. This is in contrast to his two previous Bulb releases as "Andrew W.K.". [2] Sometime before the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001, Andrew signed a contract with Island/Def Jam.[3] During this time, it was still planned that Bulb release the first Andrew W.K. full length. However, it is speculated that Andrew's contract with Island/Def Jam eventually stopped Bulb from releasing the first full length, and instead Island Records released "I Get Wet" (with songs, though variant versions, taken from We Want Fun) on November 13, 2001 in the UK and later March 23, 2002 in the US. As A Press Kit Along the same time-line as above, this recording was also being passed out as a "Band press kit". Brand press kits are common in the music industry to promote an upcoming album release. These kits vary in their contents but this particular one has been described as; "[the cover is] a painting of a pretty girl with sunglasses and a band-aid on her face on the front, the back is a handwritten track list... it came with a handwritten note from Andrew's friend Matt Sweeney". Matt Sweeney was Andrew's temporary manager while on Bulb Records, he and Andrew distributed this CD-R to friends and peers within the music industry. [4][5] The timing and reasoning of these events is what helps determine that it was by these means that this CD-R/Kit is how Andrew became known to Island Def Jam Records (perhaps also along with the two previous Bulb EP's) and the catalyst for his record deal. It can be assumed that the artwork described is the same painting that hangs on the wall behind Andrew on the back cover of the AWKGOJ CD. As A "Demo" Press kits and demos are often synonymous with each other in the music industry.[6] They differ though in the fact that a demo is the actual recording within the press kit and the press kit itself is the entire packaged material (photos, business cards, etc.). The "band press kit" was sent to one of Andrew's all time favorite drummers, Donald Tardy of the band Obituary. This occurred after Andrew had already been signed by Island and it was in hopes to recruit him as Andrew's live drummer. Donald Tardy accepted and played a large role in filling the needed spots in Andrew's backing band.[7] This press kit's demo was dubbed and copied by Tardy and given to members of the backing band.[8] The now available audio is rumored to be sourced from a band member or Andrew himself by handing it out to out to exclusive "hard-core" fans at shows. This audio was circulated by an exclusive "hard-core" fan base for a number of years. The now common term "We Want Fun Demo" known by fans was either applied by those fans or when this audio became widely available for the first time (and for a limited time) in 2006 via a member of the official Andrew W.K. message board.[9] Within that community it was mostly understood to simply be a demo for I Get Wet and The Wolf, since it was distributed in such a way that is typical for a demo. Only until later did it become more widely known that it was actually meant to be a completed full length LP with a scheduled release date on Bulb Records. Again, the aliases used for Andrew Wilkes-Krier of "Andrew W.K." and "Steev Mike" are interchangeable with this release. Although technically it was always a "Steev Mike" release. Despite that, the "We Want Fun Demo" is more often attributed to the alias "Andrew W.K." within the Andrew W.K. community. The Recordings Upon signing with a major label Andrew re-recorded almost all of the songs that appear on this album. Most of the newly recorded songs were eventually spread across the studio albums "I Get Wet", "The Wolf" and most recently "Mother of Mankind". The only song still exclusive to this release is "Party Music". However, the song "Kill Yourself" was not re-recorded for "Mother of Mankind" but instead seems to be only altered slightly, containing some more layered vocals after the spoken word piece. The correlating songs that appear on "I Get Wet" don't seem to be completely re-recorded from scratch but instead seem to borrow elements from the We Want Fun recordings. In other words, the I Get Wet tracks were built off these pre-existing tracks. However, the correlating tracks from The Wolf seem to be completely re-recorded from scratch. In short, the tracks off We Want Fun are very different then they appear as re-recorded versions on I Get Wet and The Wolf. [10] Similar Titles This full length album entitled "We Want Fun" should not be confused with the song "We Want Fun" as it appears on the Andrew W.K. releases of: "AWKGOJ" EP, the re-recorded "Single" version that also appears on Jackass: The Movie: The Official Soundtrack, the promo sampler CD of "We Want Fun" and the music video "We Want Fun". The album ironically has no relations to the song except its shared title. Tracks "It's Time To Party" "Free Jumps" "Girls Own Juice" "Your Rules" "She Is Beautiful" "Tear It Up All Night" "I Love Music" "Kill Yourself" "Don't Stop Living In The Red" "Party Music" "I'm Totally Stupid" "Party Hard" References ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ External links v · d · eAndrew W.K. (discography) Studio albums I Get Wet (2001) • The Wolf (2003) • Close Calls with Brick Walls (2006) • The Japan Covers (2008) • 55 Cadillac (2009) • Gundam Rock (2009) EPs AWKGOJ (2000) • Party til You Puke (2000) • A Wild Pear (2009) • The "Party All Goddamn Night" EP (2011) Compilation albums The Very Best So Far (2008) • Premium Collection (2008) Singles "Room to Breathe" • "Party Hard" • "She Is Beautiful" • "We Want Fun" • "Fun Night" • "Tear It Up" • "Never Let Down" • "Long Live the Party" • "Son Nano Kankei Neh Rock" • "KISKEI" • "I'm a Vagabond" Related Who Knows?  • We Want Fun • Your Friend, Andrew WK